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Japanese Info
Hijiri KanataHijiri Kanata (彼方 ヒジリ)Hijiri Kanata (Girls Bravo)
Human alienHuman alien
Late 20's to early 30'sLate 20's to early 30's
Yellow (glowing yellow when using hypnosis)Yellow (glowing yellow when using hypnosis)
Math teacher, member of Seiren's special forcesMath teacher, member of Seiren's special forces
Erica ShafferAya Hisakawa (久川 綾)
Episode 15, "Clean Up Bravo!"Episode 15, "Clean Up Bravo!"
Girls BravoGirls Bravo

Character Description: Hijiri Kanata

Hijiri Kanata is a math teacher at Miyuki High School, with Kirie as one of her students. In her classroom, she runs a tight ship and doesn't stand for any nonsense in her classroom or at the school, especially when Mamoru Machida began to abuse his position as cleaning officer.

But Hijiri has a deeper secret than anyone has figured out. In actuality, she is a member of Seiren's special forces – as well as being a lesbian, and since childhood she had obsessed about Miharu and became jealous about Miharu's attentions towards Yukinari. Hijiri has since allied herself with Yukina in Yukina's quest to turn Seiren into an exclusively female planet, in exchange for getting Miharu for herself. This put her against Yukinari and his friends (yes, including the Fukuyama siblings) when they went to Seiren to rescue Miharu.

Hijiri's greatest talent is hypnosis, and is capable of mesmerizing a large number of people – which included the whole of Seiren's Space Travel Agency, and Koyomi's long lost father. She is also an excellent hand-to-hand fighter, and was able to hold her own against Kirie in a battle until Kirie was able to defeat her. Unfortunately for Kirie, though, is that after the battle, Hijiri began to openly pursue Kirie instead of Miharu – much to Kosame's consternation.

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