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The God FamilyKamisama Kazoku (็ฅžๆง˜ๅฎถๆ—)The God Family
13 episodes13 episodes
May 20 2006โ€“August 10 2006May 20 2006โ€“August 10 2006
Toei AnimationToei Animation
Yoshikazu Kuwashima
Kimitoshi Chioka
Action, Comedy, Fantasy, RomanceAction, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Ai Tachibana โŠ• Ai Tachibana โŠ•
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Fumiko Komori โŠ• Fumiko Komori โŠ•
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Kumiko Komori โŠ• Kumiko Komori โŠ•
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Lulu โŠ• Lulu โŠ•
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Characters: The God Family

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ai Tachibana โŠ• Ai Tachibana โŠ• Osamu Kamiyama โŠ• Osamu Kamiyama โŠ•
Fumiko Komori โŠ• Fumiko Komori โŠ• Samatarou Kamiyama โŠ• Samatarou Kamiyama โŠ•
Kumiko Komori โŠ• Kumiko Komori โŠ• Shinichi Kirishima โŠ• Shinichi Kirishima โŠ•
Lulu โŠ• Lulu โŠ• Suguru โŠ• Suguru โŠ•
Meme Kamiyama โŠ• Meme Kamiyama โŠ• Tenko โŠ• Tenko โŠ•
Misa Kamiyama โŠ• Misa Kamiyama โŠ• Venus Kamiyama โŠ• Venus Kamiyama โŠ•

Description: The God Family

This show is about one very extraordinary family. The Kamiyama family consists of a god, Osamu, 3 goddesses, Venus Misa and Meme, a god-in-training, Samatarou and at last, an angel, Tenko.

Samatarou is living with his family in the human world, in order to learn more about them and thus become a better god when the time comes to succeed to his father.

Tenko is Samatarou's guardian angel since his birth and has a somewhat secret crush on him, which he is oblivious to.

Kumiko Komori is a girl who just transferred to Samatarou and Tenko's school, Samatarou develops a crush on her and tries his best to win her heart on his own, without using his father's intervention. In the end of the show her true identity is revealed.

This show is filled with comedy as well as romance, yet sometimes it has a few serious and heart-wrenching scenes. I would recommend this show to anyone, it's absolutely beautiful.

Description: The God Family

Samatarou Kamiyama is almost the average high school student. Almost. While he has friends and family just like everyone else, there is one major difference... Samatarou is a god in training. His father, Osamu Kamiyama, is a god as well, and opted to have his only son live a life like a human so that when the time came to become a god, Samatarou would become a better god because he spent time studying humans.

Along with his father, Samatarou lives with his mother, Venus Kamiyama, who is a goddess, his two sisters, Misa Kamiyama and Meme Kamiyama who are goddess candidates, as well as with his guardian angel, Tenko. Tenko was born at the same time and on the same date as Samatarou was, and was found outside the hospital that Samatarou was born in.

While Samatarou and Tenko are attending high school, Samatarou falls in love with a transfer student named Kumiko Komori. She was only there for a few days before she left, due to family concerns. Samatarou was heart broken, but eventually snapped out of it. However, it didn't last long, because Kumiko came back, and asked Samatarou to be her boyfriend. We later find out that Kumiko is a devil/demon, and was only dating Samatarou in order to gain his soul for her mother, Fumiko; but during the time that they were dating, Kumiko began to actually fall in love with Samatarou.

Right after Samatarou breaks up with Kumiko, we find out that her mother was manipulating Kumiko so that she could gain Samatarou's power. A large battle ensues, and Venus, Misa, and Meme are attacked by Fumiko while at home. Samatarou heard his mother's voice as he ran after Fumiko, telling him to use persuasion instead of violence. He meets up with Fumiko and Kumiko in the park, and it looks as though Kumiko is going to attack and kill Samatarou. However, she changes her mind and attempts to kill her mother. Samatarou finally realizes that in order to kill the devil that lurks within all of us, he has to kill it within himself.

By doing this, Samatarou kills Fumiko, injuring himself gravely in the process, and the only thing that Tenko and Kumiko could do is pray. While doing this, Kumiko becomes redeemed and gains her wings as an angel. Both women prayed with all they could, and that in turn saved Samatarou's life.

In the end, Kumiko came to live with the Kamiyama family, and everything went back to normal. As normal as life can be for a house full of gods, goddesses, and angels.

Description: The God Family

Samatarou Kamiyama is the son of a God, though he lives in the human world in order to learn more about humans so that he may become a better God. He is accompanied by his guardian angel, Tenko, who also happens to be his best friend. She lives with the Kamiyamas in the Kamiyama family household, too.

Samatarou falls for a transfer student named Kumiko Komori one day, unaware of Tenko's love for him.

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