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Anime Profile: Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

USA Info
Japanese Info
Voltage Fighter GowcaizerChojin Gakuen Gowcaizer ("Superman Campus Gowcaizer")Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
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Superman Campus Gowcaizer
3 OVA episodes, 1 movie3 OVA episodes, 1 movie
1997 (OVA)1996–97 (OVA)
· · ·
1998 (movie)1998 (movie)
US Manga Corps [GAGA Communications, Inc./Urban Plant, Ltd.]
Masami Obari
Action, AdventureAction, Adventure
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Assahina TwinsAssahina Twins
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Isato Kaiza/GowcaizerIsato Kaiza/Gowcaizer
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Karin SonKarin Son
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Characters: Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Assahina Twins Assahina Twins Kyosuke Shingure Kyosuke Shingure
Isato Kaiza/Gowcaizer Isato Kaiza/Gowcaizer Professor Rompo Fudo Professor Rompo Fudo
Karin Son Karin Son Shaia Hishizaki Shaia Hishizaki
Kash/Hellstinger Kash/Hellstinger Shizuru Ozaki Shizuru Ozaki
Kubira Kubira Ball Boy Ball Boy

Description: Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer is one of Masami Obari's most famous video game adaptations, along with Fatal Fury and Battle Arena Toshinden. In the future, a series of earthquakes have nearly turned Tokyo into ancient history. Professor Fudo believes these earthquakes are not natural, that they're manmade. And it turns out that he's right.

The mastermind behind the whole tragedy is Shizuru Ozaki, who is also the head of Belnar Institute, a school for special students. Ozaki wishes to become immortal, even if it means destroying mankind. Unfortunately for him, one man has the power to stop him. Given the mysterious Caizer Stone by his friend, Kash (a.k.a. Hellstinger), Isato Kaiza has the ability to transform into the Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer. Together with Hellstinger and others, Gowcaizer must save the world from Ozaki.

Description: Episode 1

The first episode begins with an exciting prologue, in which we are introduced to all the characters of this anime. Isato Kaiza, also known as the burning hero Gowcaizer, unleashes a fury that crushes the most powerful of Ozaki's Defense robots. Kaiza is then joined by his friend and rival Kash, aka Hellstinger, and the two enter into the Belnar institute for the final confrontation.

Episode One of Gowcaizer focuses on the characters as they lead their "normal lives" at the Belnar institute. Isato Kaiza, a student of this college, possesses incredible skills as a martial artist. He dawns the power of the Kaizer stone to become the armored warrior Gowcaizer, a super human hero able to perform incredible feats. However, he lacks maturity. Shizuru Ozaki, the president of the Belnar institute, plans a test of Isato's psychological maturity, by forcing him to battle the Assahina Twins, who are capable of transforming into a half male, half female creature of immense power.

In the meantime, Kyosuke Shingure, the mysterious new transfer student, is also tested by Ozaki. Even with the help of his sexy servant, Kubira, he is easily defeated by a mere manifestation of Ozaki's self. Kubira brings the battered Shingure to Kaiza's lair. He admonishes the latter about the Kaizer stone. But before Isato can learn more about his mysterious power, Kyosuke falls unconscious.

Shaia Hishizaki, the sexy super idol, takes an immediate interest in Kyosuke. She is smitten by his handsom appearance, but puzzled by his odd reclusive behavior. Shaia begins to take steps to find out more about Kyosuke. What are his motives? What is his relationship with Shizuru Ozaki, the president of the Belnar institute?

Description: Episode 2

Now healed from his first confrontation with Ozaki, Kyosuke puts into motion his plan to avenge his sister. The beautiful Shaia appears to help him. She uses her strongest technique to break the barrier through which Kyosuke must enter. This technique leaves her completely drained of energy. Kyosuke entrusts Kubira to look after Shaia.

Kyosuke begins the perilous journey towards Ozaki. He knows that he may never return. His only concern is to bring back the honor of his sister, whom Ozaki killed.

Isato Kaiza, with the aid of his friend Kash, comes toward understanding the nature of the Kaizer stone. With this newfound knowledge, he struggles to resolve the crime which haunts him: the death of Ryo Assahina, caused by the Gowcaizer's invoked rage. Isato had never killed a person before, and this event was destroying him from within. Would he find a way to attone for his actions?

Suzu Assahina, after the death of her beloved brother Ryo, lived for only one reason: to see that the Gowcaizer die a painful death. She begs Ozaki to permit her to live in order that she may see this grim task through. Ozaki literally implants the Kaizer stone into her body, causing her to gain great power.

Will the Gowcaizer live through the onslot of this incredibly sexy assasin?

Description: Episode 3

Episode three begins right where episode two left off. The heat is on as our heroes each struggle with their greatest adversaries, be they internal or external.

Kyosuke finally makes it to the main office. We learn the truth about the relationship between the young warrior and his despised foe, Shizuru Ozaki. Kyosuke is about to fight the battle of his life. But can he survive it?

Isato and Kash both have many inner demons to fight. The two have matured quite a bit now, and they too are about to face an opponent of unnimaginable power. They ban together as friends once more in a desperate effort to save the very existence of human kind.

Karin and Shaia also join the fight against Ozaki's army of monsters, who can withstand even the most advanced military weapons. They fight valiantly, while hoping that their respective love interests, Isato and Kyosuke, come back to them alive and well.

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