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GravionChojushin Gravion Zwei ("Super Heavy God Gravion") (袅重η₯žγ‚°γƒ©γƒ΄γ‚£γ‚ͺン)Gravion
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Super Heavy God Gravion
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Gravion Zwei (Season 2)Choujuushin Gravion Zwei (Season 2)
25 TV Episodes (2 Seasons) (on DVD)25 TV Episodes (2 Seasons)
May 25, 2004 (Gravion)Oct 7, 2002–Dec 16, 2002 (Gravion)
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March 8, 2005 (Gravion Zwei)Jan 8, 2004–Mar 25, 2004 (Gravion Zwei)
ADV FilmsGONZO/Media Factory (Japan)
Masami Obari, Kazumitsu Akamatsu
Masami Obari
Sci-Fi, Mecha, Action, Comedy, EcchiSci-Fi, Mecha, Action, Comedy, Ecchi
Eiji Shigure βŠ• Eiji Shigure βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Gravion

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Eiji Shigure βŠ• Eiji Shigure βŠ• Luna Gusuku βŠ• Luna Gusuku βŠ•
Ena βŠ• --?-- Mizuki Tachibana βŠ• Mizuki Tachibana βŠ•
Klein Sandman βŠ• --?-- Raven βŠ• --?--
Leele βŠ• Leele βŠ• Toga Tekuji βŠ• Toga Tekuji βŠ•

Description: Gravion

Gravion is a hilarious mix of Action, adventure, and comedy. It's about a 17 year old boy named Eiji Shigure and his friends who must defend their home from alien attacks that cause critical damage.

Young Eiji has a unique sense of justice and won't just sit idly by and watch this happen. He and five other warriors, Toga Tekuji, Luna Gusuku, Ena, Leele, and Mizuki Tachibana, all pilot the Grand Kaiser (Gravion). Hard to believe that five out of six of them are not even out of school yet!

However large the responsibility or the task may seem, these six fighters are ready to roar!!! Of course they are helped out by the maids who do the calculations and the repairs of the Gravion. And let's not forget the boss, Klein Sandman, and his right-hand man, Raven. The boss, or "Sandman" for short, is very serious most of the time and isn't very talkative. And his assistant is quite mysterious, but he seems nicer than Sandman. Even though this is one of the shortest anime I've heard of, it's still really good!!!

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