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Ayaka UsamiAyaka UsamiAyaka Usami (Gravitation)
17 years old (born June 6th) (source: official website)17 years old (born June 6th) (source: official website)
Dark brownDark brown
Type AType A
Daughter of Temple hotel in Kyoto, Yuki's fianceDaughter of Temple hotel in Kyoto, Yuki's fiance
Rachael LillisRie Tanaka

Character Description: Ayaka Usami

When we first meet Ayaka in the series she is being bothered by some men in the park. Luckily Shuichi and Hiro come to her rescue, and get her away from her attackers. After this, they take her to a restaurant to eat, and then Hiro takes her out for the night to do Karaoke... even if Shuichi believed they were doing unmentionables. Tatsuha Uesagi, Yuki's brother, has come looking for Ayaka because she ran away from home to find Yuki. After finding out that Ayaka is Yuki's fiance, she is taken to Yuki's apartment and left there by Shuichi and Tatsuha.

Ayaka loves Yuki very much, even if their marriage is an arranged one. Yuki however, does not return the feelings for Ayaka, and uses her more as a diversion to push Shuichi away from himself. Later on, Ayaka sees Shuichi and informs him that she has accepted a formal marriage proposal from Yuki, and that Shuichi's relationship with him his over. Of course, this is still Yuki's plot to push Shuichi farther away from himself.

Even if Ayaka is stubborn and determined to keep Yuki, Shuichi far rivals that when he announces on stage that Yuki is his. After this, Ayaka's happy bubble is popped, and she realizes she's met her match. Ayaka wishes for Yuki to be happy, and knows that he wouldn't if the two were married. So she reluctantly lets him go, and is able to move on with her life despite this.

Ayaka's second love interest is Hiro, even if she doesn't know it yet. Hiro fell in love with her not long after they had first met, even if she was in love with Yuki at the time. When Hiro quits Bad Luck, Ayaka goes to him with a proposition. She pleads with him not to quit the band, and if he goes back and they sell one million copies, she will go on a date with him. Ayaka knows that Hiro is in love with her, and I believe she likes him too.

Ayaka is a nice and proper girl, though she sticks up for what she wants, which is Yuki's hand in marriage. She is the only daughter of the Temple hotel in Kyoto, and was arranged to be married to Yuki, whose father is all for the marriage. She is very strong, and despite losing her love Yuki, moves on and even begins a relationship with Hiro.

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