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Anime Profile: Green Green

USA Info
Japanese Info
Green Green Green Green(グリーングリーン) Green Green
13 episodes 13 episodes
  12 July 2003 – 29 September 2003
AnimeWorks Studio Matrix, TV Kanagawa
  Noboru Yamaguchi
  Chisaku Matsumoto, Yuji Muto
Comedy, Ecchi Comedy, Ecchi
Baccni-gu Baccni-gu
· · ·
Chigusa Chigusa
· · ·
Futaba Futaba
· · ·
Ichiban Ichiban
· · ·
Midori Midori
· · ·
Reika Reika
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Green Green

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Baccni-gu Baccni-gu Reika Reika
Chigusa Chigusa Sanae Sanae
Futaba Futaba Tenjin Tenjin
Ichiban Ichiban Wakaba Wakaba
Midori Midori Yusuke Yusuke

Anime Description: Green Green

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In ages past, a man and a woman tasted forbidden love. Even though they could not be together, they made a vow that would transcend time. When next they meet, their fire will rekindle. In modern day, there is a boy's academy located high in the mountains called Kanenone. Yuusuke is one of the reincarnated lovers, and a student at Kanenone. When an all-girls class is transferred to the school for a summer session, could one of them be his past romance?

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