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GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)GTO
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Great Teacher OnizukaGreat Teacher Onizuka
43 TV episodes43 TV episodes
2002 [1999]
TokyoPop [Studio Pierrot/SPE Visual/Fuji TV]
Tohru Fujisawa
Noriyuki Abe
Comedy, Coming of AgeComedy, Coming of Age
Azusa FuyutsukiAzusa Fuyutsuki
· · ·
Eikichi OnizukaEikichi Onizuka
· · ·
Hiroshi UchiyamadaHiroshi Uchiyamada
· · ·
Kunio MuraiKunio Murai
· · ·
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Characters: GTO

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Azusa Fuyutsuki Azusa Fuyutsuki Ryuji Danma Ryuji Danma
Eikichi Onizuka Eikichi Onizuka Tomoko Nomura Tomoko Nomura
Hiroshi Uchiyamada Hiroshi Uchiyamada Urumi Kanzaki Urumi Kanzaki
Kunio Murai Kunio Murai Yoshito Kikuchi Yoshito Kikuchi
Noboru Yoshikawa Noboru Yoshikawa Anko Uehara Anko Uehara
Ryoko Sakurai Ryoko Sakurai Miyabi Aizawa Miyabi Aizawa

Description: GTO

Eikichi Onizuka has decided to make a new name for himself by becoming the greatest high school teacher the world has ever seen (even if he himself still has some things to learn). So what if he's a former biker with a crude attitude, a foul mouth, and a short fuse? It just so happens that he's got to deal with Holy Forest's Hell in a classroom: a mob full of blackmailers, bullies, and assorted ilk. Between his street smarts and his diplomacy, Onizuka's out to set his students straight...and pick up girls?

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