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Character Profile: Urumi Kanzaki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Urumi Kanzaki Urumi Kanzaki Urumi Kanzaki (GTO)
Human Human
Female Female
14 years old(says she's 19 to fool Onizikua) 14 years old(says she's 19 to fool Onizikua)
Blonde Blonde
Brown left eye, blue right eye Brown left eye, blue right eye
Student of Class 2-4, Genius Student of Class 2-4, Genius
Michelle Ruff Kotono Mitsuishi

Character Description: Urumi Kanzaki

One of the few people who actually had Onizuka on a leash for a while. Super smart and super pretty...two things that she uses to her advantage to get her revenge on all teachers. From letting a garden snake bite Onizuka's crotch, to setting the science teacher on fire, she does it all without leaving any proof that she did it. Hell, she even blew up the whole school without getting in trouble.

Apparently her teacher "abandoned" her, exposing Urumi's secret to the entire class (find out yourself). Urumi had spent time with this teacher more so than she did with her own mother...so you can see why she has such a strong hate for teachers, knowing that they can abandon their students without a second thought. That is, until she met Onizuka, who taught her a few things by jumping an unfinished bridge. Urumi is one of my favorite characters (and someone I wouldn't want to cross with if there was someone like her in real life). She always has Onizuka doing something or has a plan to mess with someone.

When Urumi first meets Onizikua, she tells him she is 19 because she saw him on TV earlier saying that he was looking for a girlfriend of age 19 or older. She is a trickster, so Kanzaki uses this bit of information to lead Onizuka on. Later in the episode, she reveals that she is really fourteen years old.

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