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Gun x SwordGun x Sword (ガン×ソード)Gun x Sword
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GUNxSWORD (alternate spelling)GUNxSWORD (alternate spelling)
26 TV episodes26 TV episodes
July 4, 2005–Dec 26, 2005
GeneonAIC/GUNSWORD Partners/TV Tokyo
Goro Taniguchi, Tetsuya Watanabe
Action, Adventure, Drama, MechaAction, Adventure, Drama, Mecha
Carmen99 βŠ• Carmen99 βŠ•
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Clawed Man βŠ• Clawed Man βŠ•
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Characters: Gun x Sword

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Carmen99 βŠ• Carmen99 βŠ• Melissa βŠ• Melissa βŠ•
Clawed Man βŠ• Clawed Man βŠ• Michael Gallet βŠ• Michael Gallet βŠ•
Gadbed βŠ• Gadbed βŠ• Ray Langlen βŠ• Ray Langlen βŠ•
Joshua Langlen βŠ• Joshua Langlen βŠ• Van βŠ• Van βŠ•
Lucky the Roulette βŠ• Lucky the Roulette βŠ• Wendy Gallet βŠ• Wendy Gallet βŠ•

Description: Gun x Sword

Wandering through the desert, lanky swordsman Van is armed with a sash that straightens out into a sword. He's on a quest for vengeance against a mysterious clawed man who murdered his bride.

On his journey, he picks a traveling girl named Wendy whom Van rescues from bandits by summoning a mecha with his sword. Wendy is on a quest to find her missing brother, whose only reference is an engraved gun she carries on her back.

In their travels, they encounter more bandits and other foes including a mysterious woman named Carmen99, who may have a connection to both Van and Wendy's quest.

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