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Fraw BowFraw BowFraw Bow (Mobile Suit Gundam)
15 years old15 years old
Civilian crew member of White BaseCivilian crew member of White Base
"Dont give up! You can do it Amuro!"
Mobile Suit GundamKidou Senshi Gundam

Character Description: Fraw Bow

Fraw Bow is the 15 year old friend of Amuro Ray, having been his friend since he arrived at the colonies. She is rather childish young girl who does her best to act like an adult.

She was living on Side 7 with Amuro and the majority of the White Base crew before the side was attacked by the Zeon. She was attempting to get to the Side shelters, but was nearly killed by a stray TOW missile, getting blown off the road. This is only made worse when she goes back to the street to find her entire family dead. It was later on White Base where she was forced to mature at an amazing rate, taking care of 3 rowdy children who also lost their entire family, and also do various jobs on White Base from being a back up Radio operator, to distributing food and first aid to the crew.

She enjoys being near Amuro, using him to steady herself in the violent war and also to keep her going since all of her family is gone. But, as she finds out that as Amuro becomes more and more distant and obsessed with winning battles and fighting Zeon, she becomes more and more distant from Amuro. She can only watch as he grows more violent, more battle hungry, more obsessed with battling Char in life and death struggles. Still, she is always there, trying to steer Amuro onto the right track as he grows into a NewType and must also deal with the aggressive feelings that come natural to someone his age.

Side notes: She is always followed around by Haro, a small and green soccer ball looking robot that Amuro made for her before the start of the One Year War. It is able to move, talk, hover for a short amount of time, and even learn things, though at a limited pace. While in the beginning of the series she is somewhat immature, she still has a motherly air about her, having to scold Amuro and make him take care of himself since his mother stayed back on Earth when he left for space with his father. She shows many hints of wanting to be Amuro's love interest, but cannot stop him from always seeking older women to adore instead of herself.

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