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Character Profile: Gates Capa

USA Info
Japanese Info
Gates Capa Gates Kappa Gates Capa (Mobile Suit Z Gundam)
Artificial NewType Artificial NewType
Male Male
19 years old 19 years old
Blonde Blonde
Golden Golden
Captain Captain
  "Rosamia, this is your brother. The enemy you must destroy is Zeta Gundam."
  Kazuki Yao
Mobile Suit Z Gundam Kidou Senshi Z Gundam

Character Description: Gates Capa

Although artificial NewTypes throughout Gundam history have traditionally been fickle and unreliable, Gates Kappa is the exception to the rule. Hailing from the Augusta NewType Lab, Gates is the latest character to make his entrance, appearing in Episode 42. He is assigned as a 'coach' of sorts to Rosamia Vadam, an artificial NewType much more powerful than he but much more unstable as well. After a skirmish with Camille Vidan, Gates and Rosamia disappeared for five episodes until popping up again in Episode 48.

By this point, Rosamia had become so unstable that Gates was forced to masquerade as her brother to keep her in line. Despite his best efforts, Gates failed to protect Rosamia, and she was killed by Camille Vidan. Being closely linked with Rosamia, her death triggered a sort of psychic backlash that caused him to stop moving. It is unknown what his fate was, although if he survived he was not seen again.

Gates was a skilled pilot and used the prototype NRX-055-1 Baund Doc as his personal Mobile Suit. The unit was painted in his two-tone silver color scheme, and had a second seat for an optional instructor. Although at first glance he seemed cold and manipulative, he was deeply connected to Rosamia, as was evidenced by his reaction to her death.

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