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Hayato KobayashiHayato KobayashiHayato Kobayashi (Mobile Suit Gundam)
15 years old15 years old
PIlot of RX-75 GuntankPIlot of RX-75 Guntank
"I'm not useless, I know I'm not. I can do this..."
Mobile Suit GundamKidou Senshi Gundam
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Mobile Suit Z GundamKidou Senshi Z Gundam

Character Description: Hayato Kobayashi

Hayato Kobayashi is a member of the White Base crew and the pilot of the Mobile Suit RX-75 Guntank. He is a comparatively short and rather soft spoken individual who tends to keep slightly to himself.

He was one of the ones living on Side 7 when the Zeon attacked, managing to make it to White Base and eventually getting conscripted as one of the crew. He immediately attempted to make himself useful by training himself with flight and targeting simulators, also reading up on one of the Mobile Suits that was not destroyed in the surprise attack, the Guntank. He at first only plays a roll as the Gunner, Ryu working the main body and side weapons. Later, after the untimely death of Ryu, he manages to modify the control setup of the Guntank so he can operate it himself without any assistance.

He starts out as a very under-spoken person, often feeling that he was not worth much, lacking a lot of self confidence and feeling frustrated by that. He quickly attempts to make up for this by learning to pilot the Guntank, becoming more adept to the Mobile Suit, and in turn not being so closed off and becoming more confident in himself as well as his piloting abilities. He is a very considering individual, always trying to help others and never wanting to see any of his friends get hurt.

The RX-75 Guntank is a short but powerful long range support Mobile Suit, running on tank treads rather then legs. It sports two quad-barreled mini-zoomy rocket launchers on the wrists where the hands should be, making it incapable of using any other hand weapons. The main weapons are two very long barreled 120mm artillery shell-firing cannons mounted on the shoulders. They are not meant for close range but can fire at obscenely far ranges. The suit sports heavy armor, heavier then the Gundam and even the Guncannon, but due to the long barrel cannons, the enlarged shell case, the heavy armor, and the lack of legs, the suit is VERY slow moving, moving at a rate that other tanks would laugh at. It also has no close combat weapon, making it a sitting duck at close range. It also has the interesting feature of having two cockpits, one for the pilot in charge of moving the Mobile Suit and operating the rockets, and the second pilot in the exposed head, a gunner to operate the main cannons and also the enhanced sensors located on the head of the suit.

Side Notes: Hayato takes it pretty hard when Ryo dies, seeing it as partially his fault that he could not do anything to prevent it, setting back his self confidence pretty far. While he is a good team mate to Kai, he gets agitated by Kai's constant harassing of him while he is in the middle of battle and on White Base. The Guntank can almost be considered a Mobile Armor, due to the fact that the main component of all Mobile Suits, the legs, are lacking on the Guntank. The Guntank tends to get harassed by Zeon Mobile Armors, as when they see the slow moving back up mobile armor-looking thing, they get insulted that the Federation would make such a defective mobile armor. Hayato, in the movie version of the series, is forced to abandon the Guntank for a second Guncannon for the battle of Jaburo.

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