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Kai ShidenKai ShidenKai Shiden (Mobile Suit Gundam)
17 years old17 years old
Pilot of RX-77 GuncannonPilot of RX-77 Guncannon
"We dont get any pension if we all get killed."
Mobile Suit GundamKidou Senshi Gundam
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Mobile Suit Z GundamKidou Senshi Z Gundam

Character Description: Kai Shiden

Kai Shiden is the pilot of the RX-77 Guncannon, crew member of White Base and none to proud of these facts either. He is a lanky teenager who still suffers from acne and never really fixes his hair.

He was one of the Colonists on Side 7 when the Zeon attacked. Like all those who did not die in the attack, he ended up on White Base. Due to the fact that he had nothing better to due and most of the people detested the fact that he did absolutely nothing to help on the ship, he was shoved into the roll of Mobile Suit Pilot of the prototype Mobile Suit, the RX-77 Guncannon. Somehow, even with his complete and utter lack of experience or any real training other then an explanation of the controls, he was able to survive one battle after another, mainly due to the Guncannon's heavier armor then the Gundam's.

He is a very negative individual, never wanting to do anything and always mentioning something negative. His attitude has earned him a few good smacks from people around him who where tired of listening to him gripe and moan while he contributed absolutely nothing to White Base other then be a Pilot, which for the longest time he hated doing. It takes a traumatic and heartbreaking experience for him to realize that he is not a bystander in this war, and that he has to do his part to protect people, though still he keeps his rather offensive attitude. He absolutely hates doing any work of any kind, one of the few Pilots who does not work at all on his Mobile Suit and leaves the upkeep completely to the repair crew. He can also be somewhat of a nosy person, liking to get into people's business to make fun of them or just be a jerk.

The Mobile Suit he pilots, the Guncannon, is a large heavily armored Mid-Ranged support suit, one of the early attempts of a specialty Mobile Suit. It is equipped with two 60mm Head Vulcan machine guns and a Long range beam rifle, sporting a much longer barrel then the Gundam's beam cannon. The beam rifle has a much longer rage to accuracy ratio then the Gundam's and also has a slightly larger charge, but it lacks the power and reliability of the Gundam's rifle. The main weapons on the suit are the two 240mm howitzer shell-firing cannons fixed to the shoulders, providing a nasty kick at medium range. The Suit has extra armor, more then the Gundam, so it has no shield, but the extra armor, cannons, shell container, and Mid-range design makes it much slower and less responsive then the Gundam.

Side Notes: Kai never really enjoyed piloting the Guncannon, but he also never bothered to try and pilot the Gundam or the Guntank, or even a fighter, so it can be guessed that after he learned how to work the Guncannon, he did not want to spend the effort learning how to use anything else. He seems to love to pick on Hayato the most, being much younger and smaller then him, and also because they tend to work together the most as backup for the Gundam. He really hates getting told what to do, and hates doing it even more. His suit, the Guncannon, only gets piloted by one other person on two occasions, one where Amuro jumped into his Suit to save Sayla when she ran into battle with the Gundam and nearly got killed, the second when he was not there to defend White Base at Belfast. He, like Amuro, goes AWOL at the worst time, just as the White Base falls under a surprise by new Zeon mobile suits at Belfast Base.

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