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Lalah SuneLalah SuneLalah Sune (Mobile Suit Gundam)
Human, ColonestHuman, Colonest
Newtype experimental pilotNewtype experimental pilot
"Newtypes shouldn't fight each other!"
Willow Johnson
Mobile Suit GundamKidou Senshi Gundam
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Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's CounterattackKidou Senshi Gundam: Gyakushu no Char

Character Description: Lalah Sune

Lalah Sune is a colonist pilot for the Zeon, charged with testing and piloting the new Psy-comu system on the new Zeon mobile armor, the Elmeth. She appears to be of Indian decent, though none of her family members are shown in the series so it can be assumed that her family were killed in the war.

Lalah has a chance run in with Amuro in a Neutral colony, where her cryptic speech and mystical charm seem to captivate Amuro. She takes a special liking to him, but her full affection was being directed at Amuro's main rival, Char. She has a love for Char that would make her throw her life away if only he would ask her too.

She is a NewType, and a very powerful one at that. She is able to communicate with others via psychic links, something that Amuro and Char could not do until much later. She was the pilot of the Elmeth, a new type of Mobile armor that was equipped with two long range beam cannons and a large amount of small bit-like funnels, little beam cannons that where almost too small to be seen and could move in any direction, surrounding a enemy and attacking from all sides.

Her first and last battle was against Amuro and his Gundam. Lalah does not want to kill Amuro but she has no choice as long as he is trying to kill Char. Just as Char is about to get destroyed by the Gundam after losing his Gelgoog's arm in combat, Lalah uses her mobile armor to shove him out of the way, resulting in the Gundam's beam saber stabbing into the Elmeth's cockpit, killing her.

The result of the combined NewType energy of herself, Char, and Amuro at that one moment of conflict results in her achieving a new step in human evolution, transcending her form and becoming a kind of Astrial being that exists on a different plain of existence. From that point on, she is able to communicate to both Char and Amuro via a psychic link, like a ghost that is everywhere and yet nowhere.

Side notes: Despite her being dead, Lalah makes appearances in Char's Counterattack, appearing as a astrial entity that tries to coax Char and Amuro to join her, but both refusing and choosing instead to war with each other. Exactly what she becomes after death is never really explained. Lalah appears to detest armed combat, and hates that she had to fight with Amuro, saying that NewTypes should not fight one another, but seeing as there was no choice as Amuro refused to give up his quest to destroy Char.

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