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Mirai YashimaMirai YashimaMirai Yashima (Mobile Suit Gundam)
Mirai Noa (married name)Mirai Noa (married name)
18 years old18 years old
Helmsman for White BaseHelmsman for White Base
Episode 1Episode 1
Mobile Suit GundamKidou Senshi Gundam
· · ·
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's CounterattackKidou Senshi Gundam: Gyakushu no Char

Character Description: Mirai Yashima

Mirai Yashima is the female colonist civilian, turned helmsman for the new Earth Federation assault carrier, White Base.

Mirai Yashima was a simple colonist on side 7 when it was attacked by a Zeon recon team, leading to the death of nearly all the regular federation crew of White Base and many of the civilian population. Due to the fact that there was not enough crew members left to run the ship, Mirai was asked to take the position of helm and pilot the ship since she was the only one with flight experience for a ship the size of White Base, even though it was only minor experience with a space glider. Mirai herself comes from a rather well-to-do family with moderate wealth and good connections.

While serving on White Base, Mirai becomes swept up in the relentless conflict that is the One Year War, forced to watch as many bloody battles unfold and cope with the strain. Like Fraw Bow, she becomes somewhat of a motherly figure to the younger members of the crew of White Base. She also learns to deal with the other members of the crew, one in particular, the commanding officer in the carrier Bright Noah, who seems to take interest in her as the story progresses. The relationship takes various turns, with Mirai at first attempting to shrug off the attentions and focus on the war but eventually becoming strained from the constant battles going on around her. She also has to deal with her past, namely her pre-arranged fiancé Cameron Bloom, who her parents determined who she would marry to strengthen their family connections. By this point in the war however Cameron has fled to Side 6, a neutral colony in order to avoid the war, a sign of cowardice which Mirai is disgusted by. She also takes great interest in a new addition to the new federation pilot assigned to White Base once they reach Jaburo, Sleggar Law. However, this relationship is not to be as Slagger knows the life of a pilot in the war is not a long one, and just as he explains that he is not good enough for Mirai's attentions, he is killed in a fierce battle, giving his life so Amuro could take out the Big Zam.

Mirai Yashima (Mobile Suit Gundam) Mirai's appearance is that of a short girl, rounded features and face, with short brown hair and small black sparkling eyes. She is rather meek in her overall personality at first and does not think much of herself, considering herself less attractive then Sayla Mass. However, as the war progresses as she is looked up to by the younger members of White Base for support, she has no choice but to quickly develop a backbone, which she displays later on in attempts to keep herself as a strong figure in the crew and also to reassure herself and perform her job as the helmsman.

As it turns out, Bright's attempts to become closer to Mirai where not unsuccessful, as after the war the two apparently married and had a small family of two children, Hathaway and Cheimin. During the Events of Char's Counter Attack, the two are separated so that Bright can continue his work to defend the earth from the Zeon threat without being distracted by having to worry about the safety of his family.

Side Notes: Bright was not overly forward with Mirai at any real point, but while his attentions at first seemed geared towards affection though later in the One year War his attentions became more considerate and caring as he watched Mirai struggle to keep herself sane as the war reached new frightening levels of brutality. Mirai was one of the many crew members who had minor conflicts with Kai, who often would poke fun at her or anyone he could insult or harass simple to help him lighten his own mood. Mirai is also one of the few main characters to never pilot a Mobile Suit, though her job of steering White Base was no less challenging.

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