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Character Profile: Paptimus Scirocco

USA Info
Japanese Info
Paptimus SciroccoPaptimus SciroccoPaptimus Scirocco (Mobile Suit Z Gundam)
The Man From JupiterThe Man From Jupiter
25 years old25 years old
Royal purpleRoyal purple
Silverish purpleSilverish purple
5'11"180 cm
Captain of the JupitrisCaptain of the Jupitris
"No matter how much I've adapted to Jupiter's environment, I'm still a human being, born from a woman's body.
Bin Shimada
Mobile Suit Z GundamKidou Senshi Z Gundam

Character Description: Paptimus Scirocco

If the series Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam has a villain, it's Paptimus Scirocco. Called the 'Man From Jupiter' (whether this nickname is a reference to his Jupitris ship or if he was actually born and raised there has never been determined), Scirocco is recruited by the Titans to bolster their manpower against the AEUG. To prove his loyalty to the Titans, Scirocco signs an oath in his own blood swearing that if he ever betrays Titans leader Jamitov Hyman, Jamitov is free to take his life.

With his skills as an ace pilot and a Mobile Suit designer, Paptimus Scirocco quickly becomes one of the main thorns in the side of AEUG. Unbeknownst to his Titan allies, Scirocco is also an amazingly powerful NewType with visions of establishing his own Utopia throughout Earth and space, and he quickly sets to putting those plans into motion. His charms are enough to secure the loyalty of young pilot Sarah Zabiarov and even woo AEUG spy Reccoa Londe to his cause.

Throughout the series the devious and manipulative Scirocco continues to rise in power. Officers such as Jamaican who oppose him seem to meet an untimely demise, and his MS designs keep becoming more and more integral to the war effort. He even secures an alliance with Axis leader Haman Khan in the name of the Titans.

Scirocco's bid for power comes when a meeting of diplomacy with Axis goes awry. Always the consummate opportunist, Scirocco uses the confusion to assassinate his superior Jamitov Hyman (despite his own blood oath) and pin the blame on Haman, thus securing his position as the leader of the Titans. With absolute power now his, the only obstacle standing in the way of Scirocco and his dream were the meddlesome AEUG.

Alas, Scirocco's vision was not to be. With the power of Gryps 2 on their side, AEUG decimated the Titans fleet in one bold stroke. Scirocco, however, had other things on his mind: an alliance with Haman Khan against Char Aznable (aka Quattro Bajina) followed by a duel with Camille Vidan, the only NewType living with power comparing to his own. Yet as the two fought, Scirocco clearly had the upper hand. It seemed as though even Camille was no match for the power of the Man From Jupiter.

Unfortunately, fate decided to intervene on Camille's behalf in the form of the souls of NewTypes who had died during the war and supported Camille. The strength of their will kept Scirocco's suit, The O, in place while Camille impaled both The O and Scirocco himself using his Zeta Gundam's Wave Rider.

Even moments away from death, Paptimus Scirocco wasn't about to give up without a fight. With the words "You may take my life, but I will take your soul!" Scirocco used the last of his NewType power to mentally lobotomize his foe, right before he was engulfed in the explosion that would claim his Mobile Suit and his life. And thus died Paptimus Scirocco, one of the great NewTypes.

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