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Japanese Info
Ramba RalRamba RalRamba Ral (Mobile Suit Gundam)
The Blue Star
35 years old35 years old
Light brownLight brown
Zeon Ace PilotZeon Ace Pilot
"This is no Zaku, boy, no Zaku!"
Mobile Suit GundamKidou Senshi Gundam

Character Description: Ramba Ral

Lieutenant Ramba Ral, leader of Kycilia Zabi's special forces of the desert guerilla attack force, though originally part of Dozle Zabi's space forces. He is one of the great veteran pilots of the Zeon forces, he has seen many battles and has gained great skills through his experiences.

Ramba Ral worked originally under Dozle Zabi in his outerspace forces, at first doing well with his quick analytical thinking and ability to read his opponent's moves in the heat of battle. He slowly climbed his way up the ranks battle after battle, not progressing as fast as Char did. After the untimely death of Garma Zabi at the hands of the White Base, Kycilia convinced Dozle to use Ramba Ral and his team to hunt down White Base. Launching with a new ground attack base, the Gallup, and set up an a new customized Mobile Suit, the MS-07B Gouf, he launched several well planned and effective attacks on White Base, but was unable to destroy or capture it. In a last ditch attempt after his suit was destroyed by the Gundam, he launched a special siege attack on White Base using guerilla soldiers instead of Mobile Suits. The attack was very successful, but ultimately ended in the death of Ramba Ral.

Ramba Ral is somewhat chivalrous man. He always stays with his personal aid and lover, Lady Crowley Hamon, referring to her always as 'Lady Hamon'. He never strikes a foe down outside of the field of battle, and always remains courteous through and through. While this may be the case off the battlefield, on the battlefield his is unforgiving and merciless. He is a cool and calculating individual, looking for weak spots before attacking them rather then attacking head on. When things get too hot, he always pulls out to re-tune his strategy once more.

His Mobile Suit is a special custom done MS-06 Gouf. Specialized for close combat, it is equipped with a heat blade, two whip-like heat rods, a 5 barrel 50mm machine gun located in the left hand (fingers act as the barrels) and a small forearm shield. This suit is specially designed for desert combat, able to slide into the sand quickly to avoid enemy fire and not get effected by all the sand. It boasts higher armor, strength, and speed then a regular Zaku II. While the heat saber is the main weapon, Ramba Ral prefers to use the heat rods, which he can use in a way to put Indiana Jones to shame. The heat rods can whip, flail, and wrap around mobile suits, filling with electricity that can heat the rod instantly for very effective attacks.

Side Notes: Ramba Ral is the son of a famous officer under the original leader of the Zeon, Zum Deikun. He appears to have been to the Earth before, this fact displayed when his crew was frightened by a lightning storm, thinking it was a new Federation weapon, but Ramba Ral explained it was simply a weather effect. He appears to have a great respect for those who show great courage on and off the battle field. He runs across Amuro Ray in a small dinner when he goes AWOL from White Base, later on when he runs into him on the battle field and finds it hard to believe the pilot of the suit that gave him so much trouble was actually a 15 year old kid. He ends up severely damaging the Gundam when Sayla attempts to Pilot it, almost destroying it if it were not for Amuro arriving in Kai's Guncannon assisting her.

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