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RX-78-2 GundamRX-78-2 GundamWhite Mobile Suit (Mobile Suit Gundam)
White Mobile Suit
Gundam Mobile Suit (humonid-shaped robotic vehicle)Gundam Mobile Suit (humonid-shaped robotic vehicle)
59'1"18 meters
43.4 metric tons (60.0 metric tons max)43.4 metric tons (60.0 metric tons max)
1 pilot1 pilot
· · ·
July UC 0079July UC 0079
Kunio Okawara
Mobile Suit GundamKidou Senshi Gundam

Mech Description: White Mobile Suit

The Federation's Operation V is a project to develop a Mobile Suit to go up againt the Zeon's Zakus. Enter Gundam, 1 of 5 of the weapons developed under Operation V. Gundam was piloted by Amuro Ray to destroy the Zakus that were in Side 7 that were trying to destroy the Federal laboratory. Amuro fights on the White Base.

Gundam has a Beam Rifle, which can take out any suit. The Vulcans are used to take down aircraft. Gundam can also slash away at enemy Mobile Suits with its 2 beam sabers and beam javelin.

Mech Description: White Mobile Suit

RX-78-2 Gundam is not a living character in the series, but it is the main focus of the anime. It is a large mech standing about 52 feet high and weighting several dozen tons. It is the Federation's first attempt at building a working, practical Mobile Suit.

It is first activated at Side 6, where it was shipped for testing. While under attack, Amuro (the son of the Gundam's main creator) activates the Gundam to fend off the attacking Zaku IIs. From that point on, the Gundam fighter battle after battle, each one more difficult then the last, defending White Base from Zeon Forces.

The Gundam is equipped with two 50mm head vulcan cannons, two beam sabers with beam javelin variations, a Lunar Titanium tower shield, and a High intensity beam rifle. It can also be equipped with a Hyper Bazooka or a Hyper hammer. It is made with Lunar Titanium armor plating, able to deflect Zaku machine gun bolts with ease and take extreme punishment from other weapons without taking critical damage. It is also equipped with an on-board computer capable of learning from battles, adjusting itself so that the suit itself fights better as it battles, boosting the pilot's fighting potential several times. The Gundam also has the 'Core Block system', a kind of escape pod. It basically is a small jet fighter called a Core Fighter which makes up the cockpit and the middle of the Gundam, the actual Gundam parts consisting of the upper torso and lower waist and legs which attack to the core block. In extreme emergencies, the upper or lower halves can be blown off and the core used as a life boat.

Side Notes: The Gundam originally was assigned to a Federation test pilot, but it can be assumed that he died along with most of the White Base regular crew in the battle on Side 6. Amuro was the only pilot to ever pilot the Gundam, except for one occasion where Sayla piloted the Gundam against Ramba Ral in his Custom Gouf, resulting in the near destruction of the Gundam. The Gundam eventually started to show it's age once White Base left for space, as the computer and suit motors had a hard time keeping up with Amuro's growing NewType abilities, resulting in a need for the Gundam to have its joints magnetically coated for faster reaction time. In once scene at the end of the series, Amuro leaves the heavily damaged Gundam to find Char, the Gundam continuing to walk on and firing the final kill shot that disable the Zeon all by itself, suggesting that the computer had learned so much that it was able to pilot itself. The Gundam was so powerful that it gained the nickname "The White Devil" and "The White Demon" by the Zeon troops, due to its white color. The Gundam is made from Lunar Titanium armor, later being called 'Gundanium' due to it's resounding success with the Gundam.

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