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Ryu JoseRyu JoseRyu Jose (Mobile Suit Gundam)
Colonist (South American)Colonist (South American)
18 years old18 years old
Dark brownDark brown
Federation PilotFederation Pilot
"Ryu, Launching!"
Mobile Suit GundamKidou Senshi Gundam

Character Description: Ryu Jose

Ryu is the tall and wide lovable pilot of the Guntank and the Core fighter who managed to keep the strained bonds between the members of White Base in one piece during the early parts of the series.

Ryu was one of the colonists on Side 7 during the attack by the Zeon Zaku II's sent to scout the new Federation attack units. Unlike many of the other members of White Base's crew, he was one not a civilian. He was a test pilot trainee when the attack was launched, and was forced to fly into combat with only simulation experience. Still, piloting the Core Fighter, he was able to provide good support for the Gundam, even if that support was little more then providing a second target for the enemy Mobile Suit Pilots to shoot at. Later, he would be the one to pilot the Mobile Suit Guntank, piloting the Core Block section of the suit and operating the tank treads and the rocket arms.

Ryu was one of the main peace makers on White Base at the start of the conflict, having to manage to keep the tensions at a manageable level and keep Bright Noah and Amuro Ray from killing each other. He also had to help manage bring all the civilians up to speed to pilot the massively advanced assault carrier. His main struggle was to help train and work with Hayato Kobayashi, who was charged with working the guns and sensory array on the Guntank. He was one of the many crew members who where shot when Ramba Ral launched his guerilla assault boarding raid on White Base while the ship was attempting to get through the sandy desert, taking a few bullets to his stomach area. He was bed ridden and unable to fight in the battles that continued to rage on. When Lady Hamon launched her surprise attack on White Base, he forced himself out of bed, and just as Hamon was about to destroy the Gundam and White Base with her Magella attack tank, Ryu managed to steal one of the Core Fighters and fly head on into Hamon's tank, killing them both.

Ryu was a tall member of the White Base crew, and wide as well. His appearance could best be described as 'stocky', but his attitude was much more pleasant then his appearance. He often looked after others and made sure everyone could handle what they where assigned to do, and was always willing to lend a hand to help others as well as attempt to stop the constant friction of the new cobbled together crew.

Side Notes: Ryu's appearance included very dark skin and dark curly hair, and while his ethnicity is never discussed, it is possible that he is Hispanic, probably hailing from South America in his lineage. While Bright Noah was not understanding in the least to the problem, Ryu immediately recognized and tried to help Amuro with his Pilot burnout, though the best he could do was carry Amuro to the Gundam and secure him into the cockpit. When Ryu died, Amuro and Hayato blamed each other and themselves for his death, their fight immediately after showing a little of how much he was responsible for keeping the crew together.

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