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Character Profile: Lyle Dylandy

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lyle Dylandy Lyle Dylandy Lyle Dylandy (Gundam 00)
Lockon Stratos II Lockon Stratos II
· · ·
Gene 1 Gene 1
Advanced European Union Advanced European Union
Male Male
24 years old(Season 1); 29 years old(Season 2) 24 years old(Season 1); 29 years old(Season 2)
Brown Brown
Light Blue Light Blue
6'1" 185 cm
Gundam Meister; Katharon Spy Gundam Meister; Katharon Spy
"Cherudim Gundam, Lockon Stratos, Targeted and Firing." "Cherudim Gundam, Lockon Stratos, Targeted and Firing."
Alex Zahara Miki Shin'ichiro
Episode 1(Season 2) Episode 1(Season 2)
Gundam 00 Gundam 00

Character Description: Lyle Dylandy

After Neil's death, Lyle continues his legacy as Lockon Stratos II. Prior to joining Celestial Being, he is identified as a member of the anti-Federation group Katharon. As a member of Celestial Being, Lyle takes up his brother's name and orange Haro, along with Cherudim Gundam, the improved version of Dynames. Though less experienced in combat than his late brother, Lyle retains the signature sniping capabilities and is quite a marksman.

Just like his brother, Lyle is easy-going and friendly to everyone. He also wants to make a difference in the world and he has a strong sense of justice. Unlike his brother though, Lyle does not hold grudges and does not brood over the past. He is quite capable of letting go of negative experiences, which allows him to focus on present matters that will affect the future. He also seems to be a bit more of a womanizer than his brother, flirting with both Feldt Grace and starting a relationship with Anew Returner. He is also know to lounge in his car, playing tapes when communicating to the others that lead them to believe he is with a bunch of girls.

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