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Character Profile: Cagalli Yula Athha

USA Info
Japanese Info
Cagalli Yula AthhaKagari Yula AthhaCagalli Yula Athha (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
Goddess of Victory (by the rebels in the desert)
16 years old (Gundam Seed) (born May 18, C.E.55)16 years old (Gundam Seed) (born May 18, C.E.55)
· · ·
18 years old (Gundam Seed Destiny) (source: episode 11)18 years old (Gundam Seed Destiny) (source: episode 11)
Pilots the Rougue Strike (Gundam)Pilots the Rougue Strike (Gundam)
"How is that kind of thinking going to solve anything?!"
· · ·
"If a person kills for reneges and he is killed for being a killer, how are we ever going to find peace."
Vanessa MorleyNaomi Shindou
Episode 1Episode 1
Mobile Suit Gundam SEEDKidou Senshi Gundam SEED
· · ·
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DestinyKidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny

Character Description: Cagalli Yula Athha

Cagalli is the daughter of Izumi Nara Athha, the leading head of Orb. She's spunky and hardheaded and rarely does what she's told. She has a knack for getting into trouble but will use her power to help her friends anyway she can.

You first meet Cagalli in episode one. She claims to be waiting to speak with 'the professor' at Morgenrate. You later find out that she was trying to discover if the rumors of Orb helping the Earth Forces build mobile suits were true. Kira Yamato saves her from the exploding colony when ZAFT attacks.

You don't see Cagalli again until episode 17 by which point she had joined a rebel army force in the desert. She seems to have an abundant source of information about the Archangel and the Strike. The rebels refer to her as 'The Goddess of Victory', probably due to her knowledge of enemy and ally weapons.

Kisaka follows her around and is later discovered to be her bodyguard, sent to make sure she stayed safe. She hits Kira when she first sees him again because she hates that he joined the Earth Forces. Kira later slaps sense into her when she and the rebels nearly get themselves killed.

Cagalli joins the Archangel claiming that she's one of the view people they know that can fight worth anything. On their way to Orb, Cagalli gets lost during battle and meets Athrun Zala on an abandoned island. This is where they share some strong feelings about the war and develop some for each other. Athrun later kiss Cagalli, just before leaving to fight for the last time.

Cagalli has strong feelings about fighting. Mostly meaning that she feels normal soldiers (people other than Athrun or Kira) can't do anything right and she has to do something herself. She feels useless on the sidelines. Kira teaches her that even on the sidelines, as Princess of Orb, she can do a lot to help out.

Cagalli receives and pilots the Strike Rouge, a Gundam modeled by Orb to preform abilities similar to the Strike using a Natural as a pilot. Although she is a Natural, Cagalli has the ability to go into 'Seed Mode', like Athrun and Kira. Something thought only to be possible for Coordinators.

Character Description: Cagalli Yula Athha

Cagalli Yula Athha is first seen in episode one, when she is saved by Kira who first mistook her for a boy. She reappears in episode 17 when the Archangel lands in the desert. She's helping rebels fight against ZAFT forces.

Cagalli is the princess of Orb and daughter of Uzumi Nara Athha. She desperately wants to fight and protect those she loves but her father believes it will only cause more hate and problems.

Cagalli is the twin sister of Kira Yamato. They were separated at birth and meant to never see each other again, but fate suggested otherwise. She is a natural, unlike her brother, so it's a little confusing when she goes seed in the last episode. Cagalli pilots the Strike Rouge Gundam which is basically a pink Strike.

She loves Athrun and has always felt a bond to Kira. She's feisty and hot headed but she does get along with most everybody. She first met Athrun on a deserted island in 'A War for Two', 'A Two Man War', etc.. She even kisses Athrun before they leave to fight in episode 48.

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