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Flay AllsterFllay Allster (フレイ・アルスター)Flay Allster (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
15 years old15 years old
5'4"162 cm
Crewwoman 2nd classCrewwoman 2nd class
"You coordinators are all the same""You coordinators are all the same"
Tabitha St. GermainHouku Kawashima
Mobile Suit Gundam SEEDKidou Senshi Gundam SEED

Character Description: Flay Allster

Flay Allster is the somewhat preppy and rich daughter of an Atlantic Federation minister, George Allster. She attended the same technical college on Heliopolis as Kira Yamato, and her escape pod was later rescued by him after its destruction. Kira promises her that he will protect everyone, and her father on another ship, in the midst of another battle, but fails to save her father while caught up in his strife with Athrun Zala.

Blaming him for the loss of her father, which shakes her greatly (she lost her mother at a young age and she and her father were very close), Flay decides that the only way he can atone for his failure is to fight and fight and fight for her and then die. She gets close to him, becoming the only one that reaches out for him and comforts him during his emotional struggle while protecting the Archangel, and eventually sleeps with him. She had originally been engaged to Sai Argyle by an arranged marriage between their parents, but as Flay puts it, they are no longer alive, and thus that agreed union is now nullified. A rivalry erupts between Sai and Kira as Sai basks in his sense of inferiority to Kira, and has a hard time breaking away from Flay.

After Kira goes missing, she recoils, afraid that she had actually succeeded in driving him to his death. After latching onto Sai once more out of despair and denial, she eventually is kidnapped by ZAFT forces and becomes a prisoner of war on board Rau Le Creuset's ship, subsequently becoming a bit of a secretary for him. In her time there, she falls into regret and realization of how she had treated Kira, and all of her old friends, in the past, wanting to return to Kira badly so she could apologize.

In the midst of the final battle between Kira and Rau, the ship she is on is caught in the crossfire, and her spirit speaks to Kira, professing her true feelings to him, that she accepts that she had fallen for him in all of that time, that her true feelings would protect him.

Character Description: Flay Allster

Another of Kira's classmates, Flay Allster finds herself aboard the archangel by accident and chooses to enlist in the army. She has no skills whatsoever, so she is there as passenger.

She has a rich father, so she is rich and has a bad attitude. She also hates coordinators. Her boyfriend is Sai, but she falls in love with Kira. Since Caggali and Lacus both took care of Kira while they were aboard the mecha she hates both of them.

Flay Allster (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)

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