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Character Profile: Nicol Amalfi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Nicol Amalfi Nicol Amarfi Nicol Amalfi (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
Coordinator Coordinator
Male Male
15 years old(born March 1) 15 years old(born March 1)
Light Green Light Green
Light Brown Light Brown
5'5" 165 cm
135.6 lbs 61.5 kg
ZAFT pilot ZAFT pilot
Gabe Khouth Mami Matsui
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED

Character Description: Nicol Amalfi

Nicol is the youngest member of the Le Creuset team of ZAFT. He is first seen in Gundam SEED at the attack on Heliopolis, a colony of Earth that was supposedly neutral. The Le Creuset (Kleuze) team lands on the colony and they begin their attack. Nicol is one of the five assigned to capture the G-weapons. He adapts the OS of the GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam and then gives the Mobile Suit to ZAFT, he later uses it to fight against the Archangel in space.

He uses his Gundam's special ability "Mirage Colloid" to help his mother ship, the Vesalius, and the Gamow break into the Umbrella of Artemis (a lightwave barrier of the asteroid Artemis where the Archangel was located).

Throughout the series he fights constantly alongside the Vesalius (flagship of Le Creuset team). His team mates, Yzak and Dearka, refer to him as a coward once or twice during the series. In episode twenty-nine, Nicol shields his closest friend Athrun who was then in a critical situation and tries to kill the Strike Gundam, but he does not succeed and his Blitz Gundam blows up with him inside.

When Yzak learns of Nicol's death, he starts cursing and crying saying as always that he'll kill the Strike pilot no matter what. Athrun gets mad and pins Yzak against the lockers and holds him by the neck telling him that it was his own fault and he could point fingers if he wanted to. Yzak runs to his room and Dearka with him.

Athrun has flashbacks of him and Nicol talking about their own reasons for fighting that were the same (to protect). He also remembers going to Nicol's piano recital which reminds him of his friend's innocence.

Nicol's death brings about a strong wish to kill Kira Yamato (Strike pilot) into Athrun. After there is no one in the locker room Athrun opens Nicol's half closed locker and takes out the uniform and from inside the hand written partitures fall out. He holds them and hugs Nicol's uniform and promises to kill the Strike pilot.

Character Description: Nicol Amalfi

Nicol is the green-haired pilot of the Blitz Gundam. Compared to Athrun's angst, Yzak's need for revenge and Dearka's all-around stupidity, Nicol seems a little soft.

Nicol pays little attention to what others do on the battlefield, except for Athrun, who he is very close to.

He loves to play piano and listen to music. He wants no more this useless war, but he might not live to see the end....

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