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Character Profile: Mariemaia Kushrenada

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mariemaia KushrenadaMariemaia KushrenadaMariemaia Kushrenada (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz)
Mariemaia BartonMariemaia Barton
8 years old (born A.C. 18)8 years old (born A.C. 18)
Daughter of OZ LeaderDaughter of OZ Leader
"Yes... I should Rule... Like my father Treize""Yes... I should Rule... Like my father Treize"
Chantal Strand
"Endless Waltz""Endless Waltz"
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless WaltzShin Kidou Senki Gundam W

Character Description: Mariemaia Kushrenada

Mariemaia is only in the Endless Waltz movie. She was the daughter of the infamous Treize Kushrenada, the creator of the Gundam Epyon, and the niece of the "original" Trowa Barton, according to the movie, Endless Waltz. The real Trowa Barton showed a photograph to the Trowa we knew as one of the Gundam Pilots of his sister and daughter. According to the Gundam Wing manga series it was said that Treize had a relation to a nurse after he was injured and taken to the hospital once. The nurse was somehow related to the Barton family.

Because of her father's reputation, she managed to assemble those who were loyal to Treize, modifying some of the Mobile Dolls to be piloted.

She invaded Earth on Christmas in the year AC (After Colony) 196, when most of the Mobile-Suits were destroyed and the Gundams themselves (except Altron) were sent into the sun to be destroyed. She abducted Relena to serve in her new order. Quatre Winner narrowly saved the Gundams as his friends proceeded with an attempt to stop her.

They were halted as they learned Dekim Barton, the original creator of Operation Meteor, was the true mastermind and was threatening to crash colony X-18999 into Earth, killing many if the Earth Sphere Alliance refused to give in to Mariemaia's demands. Trowa and Duo disabled the colony's crash system.

As they and Quatre tried to disable the MS in their Gundams, with help from Wufei, Zechs, and Noin, Wing Gundam Zero assaulted the president's estate (where Mariemaia and Relena were).

When Heero used the twin buster rifle to penetrate the estate's defenses, the computers overloaded and Mariemaia was saved by Une, who told her that what she was doing was not her father's legacy. Dekim tried to kill Relena, but Mariamaia took the shot and lived. Heero arrives, and Mariemaia realizes that her efforts too were mistaken. Heero tells her that he will end her pain, and pulls the trigger... but the gun doesn't fire, making only a clicking sound. Heero then says that he will never kill again and collapses in Relena's arms. Although Mariemaia has been shot, she still lives (in the few minutes of Endless Waltz you can see her in a wheelchair with Lady Une visiting Treize's grave.)

In the end, Mariemaia was placed in Une's custody, with the girl learning more of the man her father was.

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