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Character Profile: Lieutenant Lucrezia Noin

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lieutenant Lucrezia NoinLieutenant Lucrezia Noin (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)
Preventer Fire (Endless Waltz)
19 years19 years
Platinum BlackPlatinum Black
Dark PurpleDark Purple
5'5"165 cm
107 lbs49 kg
Member of OZ, Mobile suit pilot, trainer, Zechs's confidantMember of OZ, Mobile suit pilot, trainer, Zechs's confidant
"In my mind, the value of life versus war is something one can't even compare!"
Saffron HendersonChisa Yokoyama
Episode 4: "The Victorian Nightmare"Episode 4: "The Victorian Nightmare"
Mobile Suit Gundam WingShin Kidou Senki Gundam W

Character Description: Lieutenant Lucrezia Noin

If there was ever someone to whom Zechs Marquise could confide, it is Lucrezia Noin: a woman who compares quite closely to Zechs though without the secrets. The two of them met in the academy, and her skill in the mobile suit is second only to him. After graduating, Noin chose to help train the next generation of mobile suit pilots...but the warlike mindset she found in her students tended to depress her. How little they knew.

Noin leaves her position as trainer and joins Zechs's side as OZ's coup d'etat unfolds. Ever since the two of them met, Noin had promised to help him in any way she can. In return, Zechs hides nothing from her: not even his true identity. So when Zechs asks her to go to his sister and help her, she agrees.

Noin presents herself to Relena and offers her assistance in Relena's campaign for peace. As a Baronet, her insight into its inner workings of Romefeller helps to shape strategy.

She is personally very pleased with Relena's rapid progress as well as her goals of peace. Noin hates war, though she also understands the occasional need for protection. Even as Relena begins re-establishing the peace-minded Sanq Kingdom (also spelled Cinq Kingdom), Noin covertly sets up a home guard of five black Taurus mobile suits, one white Taurus mobile suit, and Wing Zero to help defend the kingdom. Though Relena would remind Noin that Cinq is supposed to be pacifist, Noin argues that many, especially Romefeller, would consider Cinq an easy target unless they could protect their own borders.

Then she learns of Zechs's ascension to leadership of the rebel White Fang. After much personal argument, she decides to once again join the man she loves and be at his side for the final battle.

After the Eve War, Noin joins the newly-formed Preventers (under the codename "Fire") and finds herself in the familiar and comfortable role of defender. However, she is also perhaps the only person who keeps believing that Zechs is still alive out there when everyone else thought he went down with Libra. She knows Zechs too well to stop beileving in him, and if he should ever return, she is going to make sure she never leaves his side again.

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