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Character Profile: Treize Kushrenada

USA Info
Japanese Info
Treize KushrenadaTreize Kushrenada (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)
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Treize Khushrenada (alternate spelling)
24 years old24 years old
Blonde (source: Official Artbook, File 2, Page 31)Blonde (source: Official Artbook, File 2, Page 31)
Ice blue (source: Official Artbook, File 2, Page 31)Ice blue (source: Official Artbook, File 2, Page 31)
5'11"181 cm
150 lbs68 kg
Duke in the Romefeller Foundation, Leader of OZ, designer of Gundam EpyonDuke in the Romefeller Foundation, Leader of OZ, designer of Gundam Epyon
"There is nothing more beautiful than a warrior with no distractions."
David KayeRyoutarou Okiayu
Episode 1: "The Shooting Star She Saw"Episode 1: "The Shooting Star She Saw"
Mobile Suit Gundam WingShin Kidou Senki Gundam W

Character Description: Treize Kushrenada

A proud man of German and Russian nobility, Treize is one of the most complex men in the series, but if there is one thing that's a constant about Treize Kushrenada, it's that he's a gentleman: a man of respect, honor, and integrity. He despises what he sees as cowardly ways of war, such as the Mobile Dolls, and frequently finds ways to undermine the efforts of the extreme elements of Romefeller who would resort to those methods.

Which is why he welcomed the first challenge by Wufei Chang. In Wufei was a noble warrior, and the two fought fairly...but Treize was the better swordsman, and he prevailed. He let Wufei go so they may meet again.

Treize believes that noble war, combat between men, has its place in humanity. So, with the blessing of the Romefeller Foundation, he used the OZ subsidiary he controlled to form "the Specials": a rebel organization within the United Earth Sphere military . He then used the Specials to stage a coup d'etat and wrest power from the United Earth Sphere Alliance. But as Romefeller began to lean in the direction of unmanned combat, Treize found himself swamped under by the rest of Romefeller and forced to step down.

The Epyon Gundam But even trapped in Luxembourg, Treize continued to influence the war. Romefeller began to divide as a number of OZ soldiers sided with Treize and rebelled. At the same time, he finished work on a new Gundam, and when Heero arrives (originally intending to assassinate him), Trieze unveils it: the Epyon. The Epyon's design is based on Treize's study of the Gundams. Fitting his ideals, it is designed for a true warrior who will face his foes up close and head-on, so it doesn't sport a gun. Its main weapon is a beam sabre connected to the main power system, giving it unsurpassed energy output. It also has a segmented gundanium heat rod. Like the Wing, it is capable of atmospheric flight (In its flight form, the Epyon sort of resembles a demon, with the heat rod as a tail and claws with which to land and attack). Also, the cockpit's control system is very similar (if not identical) to the infamous ZERO System.

Finally, as Romefeller and Earth began to re-unite under Relena's influence, Treize seizes the opportunity and once again takes control. With his old friend Milliardo leading the White Fang in a war against Earth, Treize takes up arms and, taking up the rebuilt Tallgeese, realizes his dream and leads the Earth's combined forces for one last battle.

Once the battle was under way, he met Wufei one more time: this time in mobile suits. Once again, it was a fair and noble fight, one both combatants would be proud to fight... and one in which Treize knew he would have no shame in losing. A noble life deserved an honrable ending.

Character Description: Treize Kushrenada

Treize is the aristocratic head of an elite unit of military mobile suit pilots called the "Specials." In conjunction with a secret organization known as Oz, and a group of wealthy European nobles known as the Romefeller Foundation, Treize seized control of the Earth.

Soon Oz drove the orbiting space colonies to rebellion, and in the end Treize resigned his commission, fought all-out war against his old organization, regained control, fought to bring the rebels to their knees, and was killed fighting Wufei in outer space. The mobile suit Treize uses for the final battle is the Tallgease II. In the episode where Treize dies, he in effect commits suicide, tricking Wufei into killing him, as he believes his death is necessary for peace to reign.

The woman with whom Treize's had an affair, Leia Barton, died shortly after giving birth to his daughter, Mariemaya Kushrenada-Barton

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