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Lady UneLady Une (レディ・アン)Colonel Une (top); Lady Une (bottom)
Colonel Une
· · ·
“Fiery” Une
19 years19 years
5'3"161 cm
103 lbs47 kg
Member of OZ, Treize's aideMember of OZ
"So I'm Lady Une, of OZ...or do I work under Mr. Treize?"
Enuka OkumaYuri Sa
Episode 4: "The Victorian Nightmare"Episode 4: "The Victorian Nightmare"
Mobile Suit Gundam WingShin Kidou Senki Gundam W

Character Description: Lady Une

Une, the loyal aide of Treize Kushrenada, seems to be beset with a dual personality.

On the one side is Colonel Une, steadfast soldier and member of OZ. Her hair is carefully held in place, and her glasses add to the stern demeanor on her face. Colonel Une is stern and unyielding. Her temper earns her the nickname "Fiery Une" and the occasional gentle reminder from Treize not to be so harsh. Nevertheless, she carries out her orders to the fullest: whether it is to assassinate the members of a peace conference in a space colony or to track down a traitor of OZ.

And then, Une is sent to the colonies. But when she appears before the people of the space colonies, she becomes someone totally different. Her hair flowing free, the glasses gone, she becomes Lady Une, a woman who pleads a case before the colonies. She tells the people that OZ is in space not as conquerors but as liberators: here to end the Alliance's reign of terror and to allow the colonies to grow on their own. In this role, Une suddenly becomes an ambassador of peace.

No matter what identity she takes, she admires, even loves Treize, and she will dutifully obey him no matter what. This is what leads her to confront Tubarov at the Lunar Base. Tubarov intended to start mass-producing Mobile Dolls, something Treize hoped to prevent. Tubarov, however, would stop at nothing...and he shot Une.

For a long time, Une lay in a coma, watched over by men loyal to Treize. But then, as Treize himself prepared to engage the White Fang, Une somehow sensed what was coming...and reawakened. With almost inhuman resolve, Une rushed to join the man she admired in his hour of glory, taking the first form of transportation she could find and reporting back to duty.

Lady Une would only watch the final battle aboard MO2, and she would watch Treize fall in his duel with Wufei. He fell bravely and honorably: just the way he wanted to close the story of his life. Colonel Une's mission was thus complete. Lady Une's fulfilment would come with the end of the Eve War and the establishment of the new combined nation. The two halves of her personality were now no longer at odds, and she is finally able to reconcile them...and take up Treize's legacy and protect the peace he helped to forge.

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