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Character Profile: Bob Poundmax

USA Info
Japanese Info
Bob Poundmax Bob Poundmax Bob Poundmax (Gungrave)
Human, later a Superior Human, later a Superior
Male Male
Mid 40's Mid 40's
Orange Orange
Black Black
5'5" 165 cm
430 lbs 195 kg
Hacker, data consultant, member of Millennion's Big 4 Hacker, data consultant, member of Millennion's Big 4
Doug Stone Hirotaka Shimasawa(嶋澤弘隆)(credited as Chafurin)
Episode 1, "The Destroyer in the Dusk" Episode 1, "The Destroyer in the Dusk"
Gungrave Gungrave

Character Description: Bob Poundmax

Bob Poundmax was introduced to Brandon Heat by Harry McDowell, at the same time with Balladbird Lee. At the time, Bob was a skinny man with a tremendous appetite, and with a liking for fried chicken. Bob also was an excellent hacker, and was responsible for gaining information that Millennion needed for matters of the profits of their competitors, as well as for use in extortion.

As the years went by, Bob's stock in Millennion, as well as his weight, rose as Harry managed to climb the ladder, and he really became a major player after Harry murdered Big Daddy for the leadership in Millennion, eventually becoming part of the Big 4, along with Lee, Bear Walken and Bunji Kugashira. But in time, his steady diet of fatty foods and lack of exercise led to him suffering a blood clot in his brain. Desperate to save his friend from becoming a vegetable, Lee took him to Dr. Laguna Glock, having him use his 'Superiorzation' process on him – but ONLY if Lee himself survived it first! Thus, Bob became the second Superior – an Orgman that retained human thought and free will, and would use his powers when Brandon, now as Beyond the Grave, returned and threatened Millennion.

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