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Character Profile: Brandon Heat

USA Info
Japanese Info
Brandon Heat Brandon Heat Brandon Heat (Gungrave)
Beyond the Grave Beyond the Grave
Human/Undead Human/Undead
Male Male
Black originally/later changes to grey Black originally/later changes to grey
6'7" 201 cm
Sweeper Sweeper
Kirk Thornton(credited as Ron Allen) Tomokazu Seki
Episode 1, "The Destroyer in the Dusk" Episode 1, "The Destroyer in the Dusk"
Gungrave Gungrave

Character Description: Brandon Heat

A strong and silent type best describes him, Brandon is best friends with Harry even to the end, loyal, fearless, and almost no emotional strings attached. He was declared undoubtedly the best sweeper around for Millennium. What he does is for the protection of his family and friends and becomes a sweeper to do so. Even human, he seemed to possess ungodly skills at all levels of fighting. Brandon died after finding out Harry's betrayal to the organization, unable to pull the trigger and kill his best friend, Harry killed him. Brandon knew of Harry's betrayal so before anything he arranged things with Dr. Tokioka to resurrect him after his death.

Now after years of sleep, he awakens as Beyond the Grave, his purpose to destroy Millennium. However he finds out more reason to live after meeting the daughter of his former lover, Maria Asagi, and his former boss, "Big Daddy" the founder of Millennium.

In each hand he wields the twin cerebus guns, and on his back he carries a coffin of weapons. The element of the ungodly power carries on into Grave from his past life as Brandon Heat. From some reason only he possess the ability to kill zombies with regular bullets. The odds seem stacked against, an organization with an army of zombies, protecting Mika from death, and what happens when he finally confronts Harry McDowel.

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