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Character Profile: Mika Asagi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mika Asagi Mika Asagi Mika Asagi (Gungrave)
Human Human
Female Female
13 years old 13 years old
Gray Gray
Green Green
4'9" 145 cm
Student Student
Kari Wahlgren(credited as Kay Jenson) Kumi Sakuya(佐久間 紅美)
Episode 1, "The Destroyer in the Dusk" Episode 1, "The Destroyer in the Dusk"
Gungrave Gungrave

Character Description: Mika Asagi

For all of her 13 years, Mika Asagi grew up without a care in the world, living in a small mansion in the countryside with her mother Maria and Mr. Tokioka. She had no way of knowing that she was also the daughter of Big Daddy, the founder of the Millennion Organization, and that she and her mother were, in fact, hiding out from the notice of Harry McDowell, a.k.a. 'Bloody Harry'. But Maria did mention at one time, she was acquainted with Brandon Heat, when Mika accidentally found a picture of Brandon and Big Daddy in the back of a picture of Maria and Big Daddy.

However, that idyllic existence ended abruptly when an assassination squad, led by Millennion's Balladbird Lee, attacked with the intent of killing Mika. Telling Mr. Tokioka to lead her daughter out of the mansion, Maria bade Mika to seek-out Brandon, while she defended herself with a shotgun. Sadly, the last image Mika had of her mother was the sight of her being gunned down. Now under pursuit not only by Millennion's forces, as well as their Orgmen, Mr. Tokioka gave Mika the directions to where she could find his younger brother, as well as giving her a fairly-heavy case to lug. Mika then had the misfortune of seeing Mr. Tokioka getting killed by an Orgman.

Alone and barely comprehending the events that had happened around her, as well as being slightly injured in the last attack, Mika was able to find Dr. Tokioka, as well as Brandon Heat, now the necrolized being Beyond the Grave. After Grave was awakened from his 13-year sleep, he took charge of protecting Mika while the girl tries to find-out, not only Grave's past, but the reasons of why her mother and everyone she ever loved had to die.