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Anime Profile: Gunparade Orchestra

USA Info
Japanese Info
Gunparade Orchestra Gunparade Orchestra(ガンパレード・オーケストラ) Gunparade Orchestra
24 TV Episodes 24 TV Episodes
  October 4, 2005
  Brains Base/Bandai Visual/TV Asahi
  Sony Computer Entertainment(Based on the PS2 game)
  Yutaka Sato, Toshiya Shinohara
Drama, Mecha, Romance, Military Drama, Mecha, Romance, Military
Gunparade March Gunparade March: Aratanaru Kougunka
Ami Yokoyama Ami Yokoyama
· · ·
Arisa Watanabe Arisa Watanabe
· · ·
Hadzuki Yamaguchi Hadzuki Yamaguchi
· · ·
Kaen Yuuki Kaen Yuuki
· · ·
Kenji Gen Kenji Gen
· · ·
-- more listed below -- -- more listed below --

Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Anime Characters: Gunparade Orchestra

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ami Yokoyama Ami Yokoyama Momoka Kudou Momoka Kudou
Arisa Watanabe Arisa Watanabe Nakatoshi Iwasaki Nakatoshi Iwasaki
Hadzuki Yamaguchi Hadzuki Yamaguchi Nami Koumi Nami Koumi
Kaen Yuuki Kaen Yuuki Natsuko Saitou Natsuko Saitou
Kenji Gen Kenji Gen Noeru Sugawara Noeru Sugawara
Kou Kojima Kou Kojima Saika Murata Saika Murata
Kuuka Hashira Kuuka Hashira Sara Ishida Sara Ishida
Masatoshi Fukazawa Masatoshi Fukazawa Shion Ryuuzouji Shion Ryuuzouji
Michiya Noguchi Michiya Noguchi Yuki Makihara Yuki Makihara
Miki Kinjou Miki Kinjou Yukiko Araki Yukiko Araki

Anime Description: Gunparade Orchestra

Gunparade Orchestra is a continuation of the story that began with Gunparade March. Humanity is still trying to fight off the Phantom Beasts, the alien enemy that has plagued mankind since World War II. Like March, Orchestra focuses on another group of young and elite troops training to fight in the war.

Here, we meet Sara Ishida, a top Graduate from the Shinbudai Officers School localized in Tokyo, and she has currently been assigned to the 108th Guard as Commander of the 4th Company located in Aomori. However, the regiment is lax because they have never faced off against the Phantom Beasts and uses Sara to show them the cold hard reality. However, that reality will come sooner than they expected when they are forced to have their first battle with the enemy...

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