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Gunslinger GirlGunslinger Girl(ガンスリンガーガール)Gunslinger Girl
13 TV episodes13 TV episodes
FUNimationMadhouse Studios
Yu Aida
Morio Asaka
Adventure, Drama, Sci-FiAdventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Gunslinger GirlGunslinger Girl
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Gunslinger Girl – Il TeatrinoGunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino-
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Gunslinger Girl

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Angelica Angelica Lauro Lauro
Claes Claes Rabello --?--
Elsa Elsa Rico Rico
Henrietta Henrietta Triela Triela
Jean Jean Emilio --?--
Jose Jose Marco --?--

Description: Gunslinger Girl

In Italy, a private organization exists called "the Social Welfare Agency". In truth, the Agency is not as innocent as it's name says. It specializes in cover assassinations ordered by the government. However, the weapon of choice is possibly the most chilling... children... little girls, in fact!

Taken from families that were wiped out in criminal attacks, these girls are cybernetically enhanced and brainwashed into forgetting their pasts so that they become remorseless, cold-blooded killers. Jose, a handler of one of the girls, Henrietta, is worried, however. Jose is finding it hard to fulfill his duties to the Agency, as he is constantly concerned that Henrietta will continue to lose more of herself as she undertakes more missions.

It appears that the characters don't age after they have the surgery since Angelica looks as old in the present time as she did when she first joined the agency (which based on what Rico said had to have been at least two years ago, probably more).

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