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Character Profile: Angelina

USA Info
Japanese Info
Angelina Angelina Angelina (Gunslinger Girl)
Angelica Angelica
Cyborg Cyborg
Female Female
About 12 years old About 12 years old
Black Black
Blue Blue
Assassin Assassin
Monica Rial Hitomi Terakado(Gunslinger Girl)
· · ·
  Kana Hanazawa(Gunslinger Girl – Il Teatrino)
Episode 2: "Orione" Episode 2: "Orione"
Gunslinger Girl Gunslinger Girl
· · ·
Gunslinger Girl – Il Teatrino Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino-

Character Description: Angelina

Contrary to what you may have read in elsewhere, Angelica is in fact the first of the child assassins employed the Social Welfare Agency's Section Two. Originally, the girl was named Angelina, and was the victim of the ultimate in child cruelty. Her father's business was going bankrupt, and Angelina's parents, in desperation, took out a life insurance policy on the girl. Later, when Angelina was going on an errand with her dog Perro, a car came out to nowhere and struck the poor girl. Somehow she survived, although now she was badly injured.

The girl was taken from her parents and placed in Section Two, which was in its infancy. Marco, a former soldier recovering from an eye injury, was paired as her fratello (meaning sibling in Italian, though here it's used to mean "handler"). After the girl was cybernetically repaired, he had renamed her Angelica, because that, even though he felt her parents were the scum of the Earth, they had correctly given her the name of an angel. During the chemical conditioning that followed, Marco entertained Angelica with a story he made up, 'The Prince of the Land of Pasta', mostly to distract her from the hypodermic needles.

It was during a knife fight between two Section Two operatives ... one which Angelica had broken up using her cybernetics ... that the decision was made to use Angelica as an assassin against terrorists. The girl had performed supremely but soon a side effect was noticed in the girl ... the loss of long-term memory, caused by the conditioning chemicals.

Since then, Angelica rarely goes out on missions, the load usually taken up by Henrietta, Triela, and Rico. Her fratello Marco is frustrated about the loss of memory she had experienced ... which included forgetting the story he made up to comfort her.

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