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Elsa de SicaElsa de Sica (エルザ・デ・シーカ)Elsa de Sica (Gunslinger Girl)
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Eruza de Shīka (romanization)
About 12 years oldAbout 12 years old
"I only live to please Lauro-san...""I only live to please Lauro-san..."
Brina PalenciaMamiko Noto
Episode 9: "Lycoris radiata Herb"Episode 9: "Lycoris radiata Herb"
Gunslinger GirlGunslinger Girl

Character Description: Elsa de Sica

Elsa is one of the newer girls employed by the Social Welfare Agency. Cold and aloof, she has a bad habit of alienating herself from the other child assassins, especially Henrietta. But strangely enough, the only emotional ties she has is with her fratello (meaning sibling in Italian, though here it's used to mean "handler") Lauro. However, Lauro's attitude seems to match Jean. So far, Elsa has performed well... but what will happen when she fails Lauro?

Elsa's name came from the name of a park which Lauro had taken her - the park's name was Elsa deSica. It was where Elsa said Lauro gave her life... as well as being a part of the tragedy to follow.

Elsa de Sica (Gunslinger Girl) Elsa de Sica (Gunslinger Girl)

Character Description: Elsa de Sica

Elsa is the newest child assassin... she's very quiet and aloof. She seems to have similar personality traits like Jean, Marco's fratello. Elsa's Fratello is Lauro, a guy that doesn't care for her but only to get the job done. He was supposed to do a mission with Henrietta and her fratello, Jose, when before the night of the mission Lauro and Jose have a discussion. (Elsa is really in love with Lauro and does everything for him.)

Lauro was saying "I don't want to have anything to do with them, and you're to close with them." (He was talking about the child assassins.) While they were having their discussion, Henrietta decided to approach Elsa (who was in her room) and decided to finally talk to her since they had to complete a mission together. Henrietta walked in and Elsa was polishing her gun, Elsa was as mean as ever and said "What do you want?!" Henrietta just said "I thought we should talk since we're doing a mission together." Elsa then looked at her and said "I don't care about that... I'm doing it all for Lauro... I'm polishing my gun for Lauro and I will do EVERYTHING for Lauro... and if you mess it up I will never speak to you again!"

Henrietta left and the next day they set out to complete the mission. They went on top of a building to shoot the guy they were supposed to, and then Elsa looks at Henrietta and how Jose was helping her. Elsa looked at Lauro and after short moments she looked at them again. Lauro looked at her and said "Hey! Keep your eyes on the target!" Lauro shoves Elsa aside and said "Jose... take the gun and shoot him... Elsa apparently can't!" Elsa looked at him and said "Lauro-san...!"

They shot the guy and he died. They left, while Elsa stood there, frozen. Then the next day they were reported dead and found two bullets. Henrietta and Jose were on vacation and some investigators come there and ask them... after 1 day Henrietta called them over and explained what was most likely to happen. "If I loved my lover and my lover didn't love me back then there would be no reason for me to live." Then we see a flashback of what happened. It was Lauro and Elsa and they were walking. "Do you remember this place, Lauro-san? It's the place you gave me my name... and it's important to me."

Lauro turned around and said "Whatever... let's go... we're gonna need to wake up early tomorrow." Elsa pulled out her gun and pointed it and Lauro's back. She then shot him and put the gun by her eye and shot herself. (The only way the child assassins can die is if a bullet pierces to their eye through their brain, which is very unlikely.)

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