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Character Profile: Giuseppe

USA Info
Japanese Info
Giuseppe Giuseppe Giuseppe (Gunslinger Girl)
Giuse Giuse
· · ·
Jose(alternate spelling) Jose(alternate spelling)(ジョゼ)
Human Human
Male Male
Early 30's Early 30's
Black Black
Blue Blue
Henrietta's fratello Henrietta's fratello
"Henrietta, why did you lose control? This is not like you."  
John Burgmeier Hidenobu Kiuchi(Gunslinger Girl)
· · ·
  Kouzou Mito(Gunslinger Girl – Il Teatrino)
Episode One, "Fratello" Episode One, "Fratello"
Gunslinger Girl Gunslinger Girl
· · ·
Gunslinger Girl – Il Teatrino Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino-

Character Description: Giuseppe

Possibly a former member of the Carabinieri, Italy's military police, Jose (a contraction of Giuseppe) is Henrietta's fratello (meaning sibling in Italian, though here it's used to mean "handler"). A sensitive, caring man, Jose possibly chose Henrietta because she bore a resemblance to his younger sister, who was killed by terrorists of the Padania Republican Faction. Unlike his older brother, Jean (and like Triela's fratello Hilshire), Jose uses the minimal level of conditioning on Henrietta, mainly because the process shortens the lives of the cyborg girls. It was Jose who taught Henrietta to shoot, as well as other counter-terrorism tactics.

Jose dotes on Henrietta greatly. Whenever she does her job well, he often gives her expensive gifts like perfume and a camera. He also worries about why he's using Henrietta in the first place. When Elsa and her fratello Lauro were killed during an assignment, he found out through Jean the motive... Elsa had murdered Lauro and turned the gun on herself. When he and Henrietta had taken a short vacation at the family's home in Sicily, he tried to make sure Henrietta behaved like any normal girl. It is possibly because Henrietta resembles his own sister that Jose worries about her so much.

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