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RabelloRabello (Gunslinger Girl)
Mid 40'sMid 40's
Claes' fratelloClaes' fratello
Kenyuu Horiuchi
Episode Five, "Promessa"Episode Five, "Promessa"
Gunslinger GirlGunslinger Girl

Character Description: Rabello

Rabello was once a member of the Carabinieri, Italy's military police, until an accidental discharge of his sidearm wounded his right leg and ended his career. Approached by Jean, he was offered an opportunity to return to the Carabinieri in exchange for a favor: train a young cyborg girl as a counter-terrorist agent.

The girl... Claes... proved to be a challenge to Rabello. He had to get used to the fact that the girls usually listened and followed their fratello's orders to the letter... he once ordered Claes to stay on the gun range until she could hit the targets, even during a driving rainstorm. But what really troubled him was the extent Section Two would go to use these girls. So occasionally, he would take Claes out of the compound and teach her fishing. The two would spend every bit of free time they had exploring the various lakes around Rome and try to catch a few fish. Rabello even tried to teach Claes his love of knowledge and would often lend her some of the vast amount of books he had.

Rabello (Gunslinger Girl) However, the strains of duty that Section Two placed on him finally came to a head when Rabello got into a violent argument with Jose at the shooting range. It wouldn't have been so bad... but Henrietta was there too and interpreted Rabello's harsh words as an attack on Jose. Soon, even Claes was involved, but the situation was resolved before it got lethal. Disgusted with the whole thing, Rabello decided to take a sabbatical. However, before he left, he gave Claes two things: the keys to his quarters so that she can access his books... and the glasses she had worn before she became a cyborg, with the promise that she wouldn't were them in battle.

A few weeks later, Rabello had contacted a reporter friend, confident that he had shaken all trails behind him. However, before he could meet with the reporter, Rabello was killed in a hit-and-run accident... at least that was the OFFICIAL version of the story.

Fratello means "sibling" in Italian, though here it's used to mean "handler".

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