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Gunsmith CatsGunsmith CatsGunsmith Cats
3 OVA episodes3 OVA episodes
A.D. VisionKodansha/VAP/TBS
Kenichi Sonoda
Riding BeanRiding Bean
Becky FarrarBecky Farrar
· · ·
Bill CollinsBill Collins
· · ·
Edward HaintsEdward Haints
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Description: Gunsmith Cats

Normally, firearms expert Rally Vincent and explosives buff Minnie-May Hopkins run a gunshop named Gunsmith Cats. However, they are also two of the most reputed freelance bounty hunters in the Windy City and the epitome of the term "girls with guns". Beware if you're a criminal in the streets of Chicago. If the police don't wanna deal with you, you can be pretty sure these two will make you wish for the safety of a jail cell. And with help from informants and other bounty hunters, Chicago may just turn into Hell on Earth.

This time, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms needs the Cats' help to bust a weapons ring. It involves springing their latest catch, Jonathan Washington, and tailing him to where the gun-running operation is. With a Class 3 firearms license as part of the payment, the Cats are not one to say no, and this is definitely going to be one of the most action-packed cases yet.

From creator Kenichi Sonoda (creator of Gall Force and Riding Bean, which happens to be set some time after Gunsmith Cats) comes a well-done animated series with plenty of high-powered action (including plenty of full-blown firefights) as well as surprising detail (such as with Rally's car and especially with the weapons) and faithfulness to reality. Not only is Gunsmith Cats set in Chicago, but many details about the city remain accurate.

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