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Character Profile: Bill Collins

USA Info
Japanese Info
William Collins William Collins Bill Collins (Gunsmith Cats)
Bill Collins Bill Collins
Human Human
Male Male
Brown Brown
Blue Blue
Special Investigator, ATF Chicago Branch Special Investigator, ATF Chicago Branch
"I'm a real Elliot Ness, pussycat."  
Rob Mungle Yoshitada Ohtsuka
Gunsmith Cats Gunsmith Cats

Character Description: Bill Collins

Bill Collins just does not have a way with women. Even though he tries to charm Rally, he stinks in the romance department. But that's not why he's an ATF Special Investigator. His real skill lies in investigation.

This time, however, he needs the help of the Gunsmith Cats to stop a major gun-running operation. Namely, he needs Rally to do business with Jonathan Washington so they can find out where the guns are. Just to make sure he got their full cooperation, he laid his cards on the table: Rally's lack of a Class 3 firearms license and May's violation of dangerous material handling laws. For that, he got the one-fingered salute from both of them. He also managed to uncover the Cats' stash at home, which finally forced the Cats to cooperate.

It's only later that he realizes just how deep and twisted the whole gun-running business is when he realizes that a hired assassin, a state senator, and HIS BOSS are all in on it.

Even though Rally insists on no interference, nothing's gonna stop Bill from investigating the matter himself. Though he does get himself in trouble several times, he does know how to handle a clutch situation and in fact saves Rally's life on multiple occasions (though Rally will never admit it).

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