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Character Profile: Edward Haints

USA Info
Japanese Info
Edward Haints Edward Haints Edward Haints (Gunsmith Cats)
Human Human
Male Male
Mid 50's Mid 50's
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
State senator, mayoral candidate, gun runner State senator, mayoral candidate, gun runner
"No, I was so close! I could have cleaned-out all the gangs and immigrants! I only did it for the good of the American people!"  
Aaron Krohn Seizo Kato(加藤 精三)
Episode 2, "Swing High!" Episode 2, "Swing High!"
Gunsmith Cats Gunsmith Cats

Character Description: Edward Haints

A senator in the Illinois State Assembly, Edward Haints is running for mayor of Chicago. His current campaign style has him wrapping himself in an "All American" theme, which favors heavily on protecting the city's citizens by instituting stricter gun-access laws.

But in reality, Haints is running one of the largest gun-running operations in the state of Illinois, and the strict gun-control laws he planning to enact will enable him to raise the prices of his own illicit operations. But when Bill Collins gets a little too close with his investigations, he asks his friend and partner George Black to hire Natasha Radinov to kill the witnesses and derail the investigation, as well as killing Johnathan Washington, Rally, and May. However, Haints also hires Radinov to kill Black as well, mostly to keep the profits of his gun-running to himself.

He is exposed and arrested after an attempt of killing Rally during a campaign stop at Grant Park. Roy Coleman's assistant Kate disguises herself as Radinov and has Becky videotaping a meeting between her and Haints, which he incriminates himself in hiring Radinov, who he was angry with because he was in the assassin's sights as well as Rally and May.

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