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Character Profile: Natasha Radinov

USA Info
Japanese Info
Natasha Radinov Natasha Radinov Natasha Radinov (Gunsmith Cats)
Human Human
Female Female
Red and green Red and green
Formerly KGB & Special Forces, now assassin for hire Formerly KGB & Special Forces, now assassin for hire
"Who's the hit?"  
Marcy Rae Yoko Soumi
Episode 2: "Swing High" Episode 2: "Swing High"
Gunsmith Cats Gunsmith Cats

Character Description: Natasha Radinov

Hired by thew heads of the gun-running operation, Natasha Radinov is best described by Detective Roy Coleman: a terminator. She is nothing less than a professional killer with the weapons and skills to stop a small platoon (or at least 5 armed ATF agents and an informant).

Radinov's heavy coat is not only bulletproof but loaded with all sorts of weapons: handguns, SMGs, knives, and more. Her favorite weapon, however, is a "shooting" knife, a knife where the blade can be shot from the handle, making a deadly stab while safely out of range of normal knives.

After taking care of Jonathan Washington, she is hired again to take care of the Gunsmith Cats. Radinov is impressed with the skill the Cats possess and welcomes the challenge, taking things in her normal calm stride. She manages to get a chance to kill Rally, but Bill shoots her arm and makes the knife miss; however, she underestimates the Cats' skill. Radinov was about to go for May but had to simply take off in her car with May because police were arriving. This began a high-speed chase through Chicago. Rally manages to get a shot at her, clipping her ear, and May blows out the rear windshield, opening her escape route. Finally, a parting gift from May sends Radinov's car exploding into the river.

Barely escaping with her life, Radinov is furious, both at failing to stop them and especially for that clipped ear, the first time she herself was ever hurt. The matter becomes personal (or as she terms it, a matter of pride) as she goes on a vendetta, pushing both Rally's and May's skills to the limit.

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