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Irene VincentIrene VincentRally Vincent (Gunsmith Cats)
· · ·
Rally VincentLarry Vincent
Thumb-Snap Rally
19 years (Gunsmith Cats); 20's (Riding Bean) (born October 6, 1976)19 years (Gunsmith Cats); 20's (Riding Bean) (born October 6, 1976)
Black (Gunsmith Cats); Blond (Riding Bean)Black (Gunsmith Cats); Blond (Riding Bean)
5'7"170 cm
112 lbs50.8 kg
Gun shop owner, bounty hunterGun shop owner, bounty hunter
· · ·
Bean's partner (Riding Bean)Bean's partner (Riding Bean)
"You gotta be tough to live in this town."
Amanda Winn Lee (Gunsmith Cats)Michiko Neya (Gunsmith Cats)
· · ·
Brennan MacKenzie (Riding Bean)Naoko Matsui (Riding Bean)
Episode 1Episode 1
Gunsmith CatsGunsmith Cats
· · ·
Riding BeanRiding Bean

Character Description: Rally Vincent

Rally Vincent starts out her career owning and operating the Gunsmith Cats gun shop as well as collecting and stashing all sorts of weapons in her own house. Rally pretends she's 21 so she can keep her gun shop permit. At the same time, she and her partner May put themselves up as bounty hunters, ready and willing to clean up what the police (or the ATF) can't or won't touch.

Some length of time later she and May part ways, and Rally becomes Bean Bandit's partner, bringing some sense, practicality, and firepower to complement the rough, gung-ho courier.

Rally is an incredible shooter. She can use just about any gun and can assess a weapon's power and use at a glance or by simply holding it in her hand. She always comes prepared for a firefight, with her trusty CZ-M75 at the ready, as well as a gun by her heel and one ready to go on her right arm. In her Gunsmith Cats days, she also has a beautiful car: a Shelby Cobra GT500.

Character Description: Rally Vincent

Born in London, England of an English mother and an Indian American father, Irene "Rally" Vincent is possibly one of the most liberated women ever! Although her firearms-hating mother wanted her to be a concert pianist, her father trained her in the use of guns, excelling greatly along the way. After her mother was murdered in front of her father's store in Chicago while serving divorce papers (her father is still looking for the killer), Rally had taken over the business. The store was originally named "Gunsmith Cat" but when "Minnie" May Hopkins became Rally's partner, she changed the name of the store to "Gunsmith Cats".

Although she is an expert markswoman and well versed in all major firearms, Rally's gun of choice is the Czech-made CZ-75, first edition. It is because of the gun's hard metal and craftsmanship that Rally prefers this gun above all others, mostly because she can use 9mm ammunition more powerful than recommended. She has earned the nickname 'The Thumb-snatcher' because of her habit of shooting-off the thumbs of those who aim their guns at her.

Rally is also a muscle car buff. Her ride of choice is a blue 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra 500.

Note: The Rally Vincent in "Gunsmith Cats" is different from the Rally Vincent featured in another of Kenichi Sonoda's animes 'Riding Bean'. That Rally, which has blonde hair rather than black, and the Rally in "Gunsmith Cats" has darker skin (because of her father) than the other. The blonde Rally is considered by many fans as a prototype of the Rally that appeared in the Gunsmith Cats manga, as well as the follow-up, Gunsmith Cats BURST.

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