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Character Profile: Kamina

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kamina Kamina(カミナ) Kamina (Gurren Lagann)
Human Human
Male Male
17 years old 17 years old
Blue Blue
Red Red
5'11" 180 cm
Leader of Team Gurren Leader of Team Gurren
"Who the hell do you think I am?" "Who the hell do you think I am?"
Kyle Herbert Katsuyuki Konishi
Episode 1 : "Bust through the Heavens with your drill!" Episode 1 : "Bust through the Heavens with your drill!"
Gurren Lagann Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Character Description: Kamina

Boisterous, bold and courageous, perhaps almost (?) to the point of recklessness, Kamina was a delinquent from the underground village of Giha. Kamina was constantly encouraging Simon to join him in reaching the surface, which he had witnessed with his father as a child.

After reaching the surface with Simon and Yoko, Kamina managed to get his hands on a gunmen which he dubbed Gurren. He sought to encourage Simon into becoming a brave man among men like himself.

Kamina would eventually sacrifice his life for Simon's sake.

Character Description: Kamina

Kamina is the self-proclaimed big brother (Aniki) of Simon. His dream is to return to the surface that his father had shown him, and he is vocal about it. When a gunmen finally breaks through the roof of his underground home, he takes up the opportunity to both show his bravado and go back to the surface. His determination to surpass the impossible earns him the respect of both new friends and some new enemies, and he quickly becomes a newfound hope of defeating the much-feared gunmen. Unfortunately, some unfortunate events keep Kamina from fully experiencing the progress Simon and the Dai Gurren Brigade have made.

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