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Anime Profile: Hamatora The Animation

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Japanese Info
Hamatora The Animationγƒγƒžγƒˆγƒ© THE ANIMATIONHamatora The Animation
12 TV Episodes12 TV Episodes
Jan 8, 2014 - OngoingJan 8, 2014 - Ongoing
NAZ, DIVE II EntertainmentNAZ, DIVE II Entertainment
Tōka Machida, Jun Kumagi
Seiji Kishi, Hiroshi Kimura
Action, Drama, Ecchi, Sci-FiAction, Drama, Ecchi, Sci-Fi
Art βŠ• Art (γ‚’γƒΌγƒˆ) βŠ•
· · ·
Birthday βŠ• Birthday (バースデむ) βŠ•
· · ·
Hajime βŠ• Hajime (γ―γ˜γ‚) βŠ•
· · ·
Murasaki βŠ• Murasaki (ムラァキ) βŠ•
· · ·
Nice βŠ• Nice (γƒŠγ‚€γ‚Ή) βŠ•
· · ·
Ratio βŠ• Ratio (レシγ‚ͺ) βŠ•

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: Hamatora The Animation

The story revolves around Nice and his fellow friends, who as part of the "Minimum Holder PI duo". They are minimum holders - humans who are gifted with an extraordinary powers. And with their minimums, they use it as part of their job to help people in need, as part of their living.

However, they soon come across several mysterious cases - a group of murders, in which the victims themselves are also minimum holders. Just who could be the mastermind behind these killings?

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