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HamtaroTottoko Hamutaro (とっとこハムε€ͺιƒŽ) ("Hamtaro's Tales")Hamtaro
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Hamtaro's Tales
104 TV episodes, 3 OAVs296 TV episodes (30 min. each), 4 movies, 6 OAVs
June 3 - present
ShoProSMDE, TV Tokyo
Kazuo Nogami, Koichi Sasaki, Yusaku Saotome
Hamtaro: Adventures in Ham-Ham LandHamutaro no Fushigi no Oni no Ehon Tou
· · ·
Hamtaro: Princess of VisionTottoko Hamutaro: Princess of Vision
· · ·
Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Grand PrixTottoko Hamutaro: Movie 3
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Characters: Hamtaro

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Bijou Ribbon Maxwell Noppo
Boss Taisho Oxnard Koushi
Brandy Burandon Panda Panda
Cappy Kaburu Pashmina Muhuru
Chef-Ham Cooksan Penelope Chibimaru
Dexter Megane Sandy Torahamu-chan
Hamtaro Hamutaro Snoozer Neteru
Howdy Maido Sparkle Kururin
Jingle Tongari Spat Devi-Ham-kun
Kana Kana Stan Torahamu-kun
Laura Haruna Hiroko Haruna Harmony the Angel βŠ• --?--

Description: Hamtaro

Hamtaro is a cute little anime about a school girl named Laura and her pet hamster, Hamtaro. When they move to Tokyo, they both find themselves trying to fit in.

While Laura makes a friend at school, Hamtaro sneaks out of his cage and meets some friends of his own, a group of hamsters. The "Ham-hams" live under a tree in the park across the street from Hamtaro's house, and each day he sneaks out to have adventures with his new friends.

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