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Character Profile: Bijou

USA Info
Japanese Info
Bijou Ribbon-chan((リボンちゃん) Bijou (Hamtaro)
Princess Bijou(by Stan)  
Hamster Hamster
Female Female
5 years(born July 10) 5 years(born July 10)
White fur White fur
Black Black
0'3" 7.5 cm
Owned by Maria Owned by Maria
"There are many rocks that shine like gems."  
Chantal Strand Kazusa Murai
Hamtaro Tottoko Hamutaro
· · ·
Hamtaro: Adventures in Ham-Ham Land Hamutaro no Fushigi no Oni no Ehon Tou
· · ·
Hamtaro: Princess of Vision Tottoko Hamutaro: Princess of Vision
· · ·
Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Grand Prix Tottoko Hamutaro: Movie 3

Character Description: Bijou

Bijou is a little French hamster with blue ribbons. She is a very nice, sweet hamster who secretly is in love with Hamtaro. Boss is in love with her, along with a few other hamsters. In one episode, she and Maria were supposed to return to France, but at last second, didn't. Aside from that, Bijou is hamster with a ditzy-female syndrome, meaning that she's prone to getting into danger.

Character Description: Bijou

Bijou was once very afraid of the outside world. Her encounter with Hamtaro boiled up her courage to go outside. Bijou loves playing with her new found friends and always seems to make her blue ribbons perfect.

It may not look like it, but Bijou has a huge crush on Hamtaro although Bijou is unaware that Boss likes her.

Character Description: Bijou

Bijou has a french accent and lives with her owner who plays the piano often, which got her and Laura to be friends. Although Boss has a major crush on her, she loves Hamtaro. Ever since she saw Hamtaro start to sing in front of her window she has been in love with him. Even though Hamtaro was just trying to help Boss gain confidence to sing to Bijou, she still loves Hamtaro!

Bijou always has a smile and trys to keep everyone happy. Her trademark are her two blue ribbons which she wears to make two little pigtails! One time she thought Hamtaro had taken one of them to play a game and even though she loves Hamtaro she was mad at him... untill she found out he had gotten hurt while getting acorns for her.

Somehow she fails to notice Boss's love for her and even though he always wants to be teammates with her and give her gifts!

Character Description: Bijou

Bijou recently came from France with her owner Maria and family. Maria's family is wealthy so they live in a mansion. As the sweet- heart of the ham-ham gang, Bijou looks out to all the ham-hams and makes sure they all have a good time. Most of the boy-hams like Bijou (especially Boss)so they try to empress her. But Bijou knows that one day she'll get attention of her crush, Hamtaro.

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