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Character Profile: Cyber-Doll Rena

USA Info
Japanese Info
Cyber-Doll Rena Cyber-Doll Rena Cyber-Doll Rena (Hand Maid May)
Rena Rena
Cyber Doll Cyber Doll
Female Female
About 9 years old About 9 years old
Black Black
Purple Purple
Rebecca Forstadt(credited as Reba West) Rie Kugimya
Episode 3 Episode 3
Hand Maid May Hand Maid May

Character Description: Cyber-Doll Rena

Rena is a Cyber doll that was assigned by the Cyberdyne corporation to capture May. She appears next to Kazuya after a girl that he was drooling over handed back May to him when May fell out of his pocket. She immediately fell in love with his squid-like robot, Ikariya. She appears to be a child that went to the city on her own without her mom and dad, thus Kazuya takes her to the police for them to help her get to her real home after giving her some coffee.

Later, the police bring her to his apartment saying she said he was her guardian. She takes May and Ikariya with her after Kazuya was taken by the police for punishment. Sara and Nanbara tries to take May away from her and she protects May. When Sara and Nanbara were in the streets, she changes the lights to have cars pass by them as they dodge. She has so much fun she keeps doing it until Kazuya stops her and tells her she made people upset with what she did. She yells at him when she didn't understand and ran off crying.

Later she was seen crying in concrete pipe. Ikariya chases May around the stack of pipes before running in and may going past her. Ikariya sprays Rena with ink which makes her sad. She tells Ikariya that it isn't nice to upset people, realizing what she was causing in the streets earlier. Later she ends up staying at Kasumi Tani's place and sending a video message saying she decided to not recover May from Kazuya because May is Ikariya's friend. As for being able to change anything electrical, she has a very powerful yell that is ear splittingly loud.

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