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Haunted JunctionHaunted JunctionHaunted Junction
12 TV episodes (on DVD)12 TV episodes
April 2, 1997–June 25, 1997
Bandai EntertainmentBandai Visual/Studio DEEN
Nemu Mukudori
Yuji Mutoh
Comedy, ParanormalComedy, Paranormal
Chairman Tatsugoro SaitoChairman Tatsugoro Saito
· · ·
Haruto HoujoHaruto Houjo
· · ·
Kazumi "Kazuo" RyudoKazumi "Kazuo" Ryudo
· · ·
Mutsuki AsahinaMutsuki Asahina
· · ·
Akamanto Kamen (Red Mantle) βŠ• Akamanto Kamen (Red Mantle) βŠ•
· · ·
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Characters: Haunted Junction

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Chairman Tatsugoro Saito Chairman Tatsugoro Saito Hanako βŠ• Hanako βŠ•
Haruto Houjo Haruto Houjo Haruo Satou βŠ• Haruo Satou βŠ•
Kazumi "Kazuo" Ryudo Kazumi "Kazuo" Ryudo Ichiro Takeda βŠ• Ichiro Takeda βŠ•
Mutsuki Asahina Mutsuki Asahina Kagamiko βŠ• Kagamiko βŠ•
Akamanto Kamen (Red Mantle) βŠ• Akamanto Kamen (Red Mantle) βŠ• Nino-kun βŠ• Nino-kun βŠ•
Aohanten (Blue Hanten) βŠ• Aohanten (Blue Hanten) βŠ• Reiko βŠ• Reiko βŠ•

Description: Haunted Junction

Saito High is not your usual Japanese High School. It is here that the dead truly come alive in many ways possible. The school is filled to the brim with many ghosts and spirits, and the Principal himself collects Occult paraphernalia.

The Holy Student Council is a group of students chosen to protect the school and keep supernatural incidents under control. The President of the council is the reluctant Haruto Houjo, who wouldn't be in his line of work if it weren't for the Principal and his power of summoning spirits.

The other members are "possesse" Kazumi Ryudo and Exorcist Mutsuki Asahina. It's their job to protect the school (and the world) from Supernatural threats, and their line of work gets them into the wackiest situations imaginable.

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