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Character Profile: Haruto Honjo

USA Info
Japanese Info
Haruto Honjo Haruto Honjou(北城遥都) Haruto Honjo (Haunted Junction)
Human Human
Male Male
17 years old 17 years old
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
Student, president of the Holy Student Counsel Student, president of the Holy Student Counsel
"OH MY GOD!!!" "OH MY GOD!!!"
  Katsuaki Arima
Episode 1, "Three Students, Seven Spirits" Episode 1, "Three Students, Seven Spirits"
Haunted Junction Haunted Junction

Character Description: Haruto Honjo

Being the president of Saito High's Holy Student Counsel WASN'T in the plans for Haruto Honjo. The son of a Christian minister, Haruto finds that, because of that fact, The Chairman of the school, Tatsugoro Saito, had drafted him, as well as Kazumi Ryudo, the son of a Buddhist monk, and Mutsuki Asahina, the daughter of a Shinto priest and a miko (Shinto priestess) herself, into the Holy Student Counsel.

All Haruto ever wants in life is to live a NORMAL school life, without having to contend with the ghosts and spirits that inhabit Saito, to graduate and live an average, mundane life. Other than being able to see ghosts and spirits, he doesn't have special abilities like Kazumi – who is possessed daily by any spirit he encounters – or spiritual skills like Mutsumi, who is an exorcist. He DOES have possession of the seven spiritual badges that he is able to summon the seven principle spirits of the school, including The Chairman, to aid him and the rest of the Holy Student Counsel in combating rogue spirits, ghosts, and demons. So it seems, for the time being, Haruto is doomed to live-out a not-so-normal life at Saito High.

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