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Anime Profile: Hayate the Combat Butler

USA Info
Japanese Info
Hayate the Combat ButlerHayate no Gotoku! (ใƒใƒคใƒ†ใฎใ”ใจใ!)Hayate the Combat Butler
52 TV Episodes52 TV Episodes
April 1, 2007โ€“March 30, 2008
Bandai EntertainmentSynergy SP/Shogakukan Productions/TV Tokyo
Kenjiro Hata
Keiichiro Kawaguchi
Action, Comedy, RomanceAction, Comedy, Romance
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Akane Himegami โŠ• Akane Himegami โŠ•
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Enkyou Tachiban โŠ• Enkyou Tachiban โŠ•
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Gilbert Kent โŠ• Gilbert Kent โŠ•
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Characters: Hayate the Combat Butler

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Dorothy Dorothy Mikado Sanzen'in โŠ• Mikado Sanzen'in โŠ•
Ginta Ginta Mr. and Mrs. Ayasaki โŠ• Mr. and Mrs. Ayasaki โŠ•
Nanashi Nanashi Nagi Sanzen'in โŠ• Nagi Sanzen'in โŠ•
Akane Himegami โŠ• Akane Himegami โŠ• Nagi's SP โŠ• Nagi's SP โŠ•
Enkyou Tachiban โŠ• Enkyou Tachiban โŠ• Rei Kijima โŠ• Rei Kijima โŠ•
Gilbert Kent โŠ• Gilbert Kent โŠ• Saki Kijima โŠ• Saki Kijima โŠ•
Hatsusho Saginomiya โŠ• Hatsusho Saginomiya โŠ• Sakuya Aizawa โŠ• Sakuya Aizawa โŠ•
Hayate Ayasaki โŠ• Hayate Ayasaki โŠ• Seishirล Klaus โŠ• Seishirล Klaus โŠ•
Hinagiku Katsura โŠ• Hinagiku Katsura โŠ• Tama โŠ• Tama โŠ•
Isumi Saginomiya โŠ• Isumi Saginomiya โŠ• Wataru Tachibana โŠ• Wataru Tachibana โŠ•
Izumi Segawa โŠ• Izumi Segawa โŠ• Yukariko Sanzen'in โŠ• Yukariko Sanzen'in โŠ•
Maria โŠ• Maria โŠ•

Description: Hayate the Combat Butler

At the age of 16, Hayate Ayasaki is at the lowest and cruelest point of his life. He is abandoned by his (lazy and irresponsible) parents and given an astronomically large debt. Out of desperation, Hayate attempts to kidnap a wealthy young girl named Nagi for ransom, though Nagi misunderstands his actions as a confession of love.

His plans are blown after Hayate rescues her from the Yakuza. Hayate, realizing what he did wrong, is given a job as a Butler out of gratitude for saving her life. Now along with Hayate's new duties as a butler, he must protect Nagi from enemies seeking to gain control of her family's fortune.

Dorothy, Ginta, and Nanashi from Mร„R: Marchen Awakens Romance were all featured briefly in this anime, Dorothy and Ginta in episode 5 and Nanashi in episode 13.

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