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PS2 HD Loader Game Compatibility List 1–24 of 24

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Game Results/Notes
James Bond 007 Agent Under Fire America 1.51 GB
Compatibility Unknown
v0.8b Compatible
Judge Dredd : Dredd Versus Death America 1.0 GB
Compatibility Unknown
v3.8c Compatible
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis America 0.375 GB
Compatibility Unknown
v3.8c Compatible
James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace America 4.375 GB
Compatibility Unknown
v0.8c Compatible
Jackie Chan Adventures America
James Bond 007: Nightfire America 2.0 GB
James Bond: From Russia With love America
Jet X2O America 1.0 GB
Just Cause America 2.0 GB
Jade Cocoon 2 America 3.0 GB
v0.8c Compatible: [Mode 1]
OPL 0.9.3 Compatible: [Mode 3]
JAWS Unleashed America 3.2 GB
v3.8c Compatible
Jet Li Rise to Honor America 3.0 GB
Compatible: [Mode 2]
Juiced America 4.0 GB
Compatible: [Mode 3]
Jak X: Combat Racing America 4.0 GB
OPL 0.9 Compatible
Jackass - The Game America 4.164 GB
v0.8c Compatible
James Cameron's Dark Angel America
Incompatible: Black or pink screen of death depending on compatibility mode
Jumper America
Incompatible: black Screen and freeze
Jeopardy! America 2.0 GB
Incompatible: Freezes when loading before main menu
Jak 3 America 4.0 GB
Incompatible: Requires a patch.
OPL 0.8 Compatible: [Mode 2, Mode 3, Mode 6, Mode 7] Runs fine no freezing during videos. Save created successfully.
Jak II America 4.0 GB
[Mode 1, Mode 3] Some report it works fine with mode 1 and 3 enabled, others report not being able to install.
James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing America 3.0 GB
[Mode 3] Game freezes when loading chapter 'Deaths Door'
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy America 1.0 GB
[Mode 3] One report of game freezing if you save or if game checks the memory card using a PS2 v9 or v4.
v0.8b+ Compatible: [Mode 3, Mode 6, Mode 7]
HDA 3.0 Compatible: [Mode 3, Mode 7]
OPL 0.8 Compatible: [Mode 3, Mode 6, Mode 7] Cannot save to VMC.
Justice League Heroes America 2.0 GB
[Mode 3] One report of working fine with Mode 3, one report of freezing when loading before main menu. Might depend on the PS2 model.
v0.8b Compatible: [Mode 3]
Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier America 2.8 GB
Works when it is rebuilt (remove last line in SYSTEM.CNF)

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